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This is an overview into my career as a music creator. Over the past 30yrs I have had the opportunity to experience music from many different perspectives. From teaching and playing gospel music in churches and Universities to performing hip hop rock at the Kennedy Center to teaching music in a country that doesn't speak english without a translator with my son as my music director.

Loyola Summary

Here is a look into my career at Loyola University as the Gospel Music Director. 2012-2022

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Helping artists understand and navigate the music business is important for the industry as a whole. Based on 25+yrs of experience, I help artists understand music business 101 like copyright, publishing, Performing Rights Organizations, royalties, language and more.


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Baltimore City

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Maurice Carroll is an experienced composer and producer who has worked with artists who have been awarded Grammy's, Grammy nominations, Stellar Awards and others who have chart topping songs. Such artists include Michelle Weeks, Michelle Shellers, The Floacist (Formerly of Floetry), Ruff Endz,  Kevin Powe Jr., Carolyn Malachi and Andros Rodriguez. As an 8+ year voting member of the Recording Academy (Grammy's), Maurice has performed in several states including Maryland, Deleware, New York, Florida... more

Root Chakra- Where it all began

I began my musical journey at age 4. When my parents and grandparents stood me in front of a piano, I could find the key that the song was in and a few years later was able to play the melody. By age 12, I was getting paid to play at churches and to direct choirs. Gospel music and choir directing are the root of my musical journey. 

I've played for and directed music from "store front" churches (25 or less members) to mega churches (over 3,000+ members)

Sacral Chakra- creative in music production

In music production, I am not just a composer/producer. I am also a recording engineer.  I have composed and produced for well over 50 recording artists to include both full albums and singles. I usually am commissioned to compose or produce. When I am composing, I go through a process of understanding what the artist's goal is in terms of messaging and emotions that they want the listener to experience.  After that, I compose the music accordingly and present it for review. When I am commissioned to produce, there is a similar process but in this case, I work with the composer, the musicians, the recording engineer and the artist to reach the desired musical result. 

Heart Chakra- The Heart of a Musician

I've been playing piano since age 4 and still play to this present moment. Being a musician means that I am a historian, a therapist, a teacher, a mathematician and a creator. I've learned that music is communication that crosses all language, race, age, ethnicities and religions.  I have played in small venues for open mic nights as well as large stages both in the United States and in several othe countries.

Throat Chakra- The Teacher

As a teacher, I have found the joy of leaving a legacy. It is in this chakra that I am able to teach sound engineering, music production, music business, vocal techniques and everything inbetween.

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