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Fragmented Sq Baker.jpg

acrylic, wood, metal hardware on wood panel, 60x60x3"

Catenary var #1 copy 2.jpg

acrylic, steel cable, hardware on wood panel, 32x122x9"

Catenary var #3 copy.jpg

acrylic, steel cable, hardware on wood panel, 42x96x4"

Curves Angles#1.jpg

acrylic, wood, rubber, wire on wood panel, 53x60x5"


About Mary

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Mary Walker exhibits painting, sculpture and installation works. She draws imagery and conceptual ideas from natural science, landscape and text. Formally her work contrasts geometric and organic, man-made and natural, chance and planning. Walker was born in New York City and grew up in Ridgewood, New Jersey. She received a BS degree from Purdue University and an MA in Liberal Studies from Hamline University in St.Paul, MN. Her paintings, drawings and sculpture have been widely exhibited and are... more

Caternary Curve Series

This series sets catenary curves against geometric shapes in a constructed painting. This is an ongoing series from 2015 to the present.

Constructed Paintings

Mixed media painted constructions.


Mixed media painted constructions

Knowing Science/Seeing Art

This ongoing project combines images and text from natural science with references to techniques and practices for scientific study.

Equinox Series

At the time of Equinox the light and dark of a day are equal. As a conceptual plan for paintings it allows for a great array of possibilities of opposition and/or balance. I am drawn to the idea of making a whole of unlike parts. This is an ongoing exploration.

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