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Work Samples

Autumn Ridge

Oil on linen, 20" x 30", 2020

Prospect Barn

Oil on linen, 14" x 18", 2020

Dew Drop Ponies

Monotype, 8" x 15 1/2", 2020


Monotype, 16" x 10 1/2", 2020


About Mary

Baltimore County

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These months of sheltering in place made for more time in the studio and in the garden than ever before. The garden started a month earlier than usual and was more productive and longer lived than any other I have had. It’s still producing and we have January lettuce.…Similarly with the studio, once there were no interruptions or outside obligations, the luxury of endless time began to make itself felt. I could just keep working and experimenting with no particular end in mind. One idea led to another... more

Gathering Geese

March is a big month for geese where I live, and these monotypes were what I worked on during the first six weeks of Covid-19 Quarantine. They started out with a foundation of intaglio but soon they were being made just of cutout shapes of geese, multiple overlapping stencils, and layers of colors applied in varying ways and arranged in a vertical, scroll-like format. 

Tantric Collection

This is an ongoing  series of monotypes inspired by sacred tantric paintings made by "tantrikas",  painters in Rajasthan, India, and collected in a book called "Tantric Song ". Thinking about them, meditating on the reproduced original, and making them--one segueing naturally into yet another--has been an oddly joyful experience in this strange time of separation and turmoil.

Palimpsest Series

These are monotypes in the Tantric mode but with fugitive layers beneath the surface, implying age and time and previous incarnations

Vistas, Views and Vases

These are assorted Maryland landscapes from this summer and last, along with several summery still lifes.

Glimpses of Maryland

I wanted to paint these landscapes in a different way, not so much with a brush, but with scraps of card board, rags and palette knives. I liked being able to wipe thick colors over the surface and scrape or scratch it to suggest details like trunks and foliage and sticking-up blades of grass. 

Along the coast in southwestern Nova Scotia

In the late summer, I paint along the southwest coast of Nova Scotia. The air can be cool and vaporous, threatening rain or more fog, but often you see everywhere the bluest of blues. 

Waterways and Harbors in southwestern Nova Scotia

It was not possible to go to Nova Scotia this year. These are paintings of marshes, waterways, and harbors from other recent years.