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WHY YOU SHOULD PICK ME! The main reason I Nominated myself this year was in hope to win any available grants to financially assist my Dry Laid Stone Workshop Center for tools, materials and equipment. 2014 I became a Certified Instructor by the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain. I've set up a dedicated Training Center here in Maryland. The closest training centers in the USA are Vermont 7 hours or Kentucky 10 hours. I've felt the need to help promote and share what I've spent years... more

4/2016 Millers Station Springhouse Foundation

4/2016 Millers Station Springhouse Wall specs: Primary stone Butler Stone (a quartzite material) mixed with West Mountain and PA colonial blue stone. From right to left 5' H x 12' L, Back wall 5' H x 16' L, 4' H x 6' L, left wall 4' H x 8' L. 2 cheekends (wall head), 3 corners, 12 tie stones, 2 window frames, 1 bench made up of 3 stones cantilevered from wall, 1 lental. Batter angle 1:8 with 16" tops 32" base on tall wall with 39" protruding foundation set below grade on earth.

2013 Field Stone Arch Merrysman Mill Road Phoenix MD

2013, Starburst Arch Round Hill Road, Frederick

An 80 ft long x 1 ft high wall, 4 bench's, 6 vertical stones, 3 ft high x 9.5 ft long wall with 30" l x 19" h arch. Wall with arch Wall 3' h x 9' 4" l PA Lilac / Arch 31" w x 19" h Western Maryland. Stone used on this project was a mix of PA Blue/lilac, Butler stone, and Western Maryland. Time to build 30 days.

7/2015 Havre De Grace MD, Seating Wall, West Mountain w Colonial Blue Stone

7/2015 Havre De Grace MD, Seating Wall, West Mountain w/ Colonial Blue Stone. A deck has been built inside this wall for an outdoor entertaining space. The wall is 22" off the deck 3 sections of wall - 6', 8' and 13'. Blue stone caps are 3" thick x 22" wide. A larger on site black granite boulder was placed in the corner of the wall. Colonial blue stone from Balducci Stoneyard (from their quarry) Great stone to work with. Flush tie stones set into the wall and spaced. Normal 1:6 batter with a protruding foundation except on inside of wall in order to allow for deck to be built.

Design and layout by Bradley Development & Design . Thank you Brad for inviting me on board to be apart of your creation.

2009 Dry Laid Vertical Stack Stone - Fire Pit

PA Blue stone fire pit inspired by Dan Snow found in his book "LISTENING TO STONE". This stone fire pit was built as a X-mas gift for my mother. Took me 78 hours, 2 pallets of PA Blue stone. Measures out to 7 1/2 feet x 2 feet at arch. Many hours have been spent with family and friends enjoying the warmth of Fire.

2014 Greystone Road Dry Laid Stone Retaining Wall

11/2014 Greystone Road, White Hall Maryland. 208' SQFF ++, 52' FF = 45' Long Retaining wall, 7' Long Free Standing wall with steps connected. 4'.6" wide steps. 4' high dry laid stone retaining wall. PA colonial blue flat cap 2' w x 3' l x 3.5" thick, Steps, tie stones placed 21" up set on center 3' ft. 60% West Mountain, 30% PA Blue Stone, 5% Western MD stone, 5% other. Back wall stone reclaimed barn foundations mixed with above stone. Protruding foundation set at grade level using primarily West Mountain stone from the Scranton area. Total build time 30 days including excavating of old rail road ties retaining wall and finish grade.

2011 Warren Road, Dry Laid Retaining Wall

Located in Cockeysville Maryland. Start date 10/17/11 - Finished date 12/14/11. Rebuild of a historic retaining 34 feet long x 7 feet high. Old wall section (15 feet +/-) around fish pond not rebuilt but corrected. All local stone on site. Including some Butler Stone, PA Blue Stone and Local white historic barn stones from Seminar Ave farm 2011. New wall section includes 9 tie stones with 9 PA Blue Stone - floating steps

2012 Beechdale Road, Roland Park MD, Dry Laid Construction

Dry laid construction, Butler stone with a mix of PA Blue stone along with local stone from the old wall. Left side retaining wall 3'.5" corner length with a 19'.5" length back to driveway. 8 PA Blue step stones built into both walls. Free standing wall 11' with vertical cheek end. All walls built with a 1:6 Batter. Average height of the walls are 3'. Two tie stones 3' in from corner before steps. Walling style corse with random jumpers. Project time 34 days.

The original mortared wall/7 steps were replace with the same design but modified to be much more practical to the space. This old wall was damaged when a 100 year old Beech tree fell over lifting the wall/steps right up.

Rockin Walls Workshop Training Center

In Spring of 2014 I became the first certified instructor by the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain in Maryland. By Fall 2014 I built the first Dry Laid Stone Workshop Center In Maryland and offered 2 workshops before year end. I felt it was important to do so because the closest training centers in the USA are Vermont 7 hours or Kentucky 10 hours. I believe in the need to promote and share what I've spent years learning. I believe it is extremely important to learn a trade or a craft which often maybe considered ART. With tuition going up every year many can not effectively enjoy the education systems that exist today. By Learning a trade one will always have the opportunity to find work and have a pay check. For a minimal investment into the craft one could get started as little as $3,000.00 covering tools and workshops / certification threw out the USA. It's my goal to offer testing for level 1 certification by 2017.

Only training center with "Try Before You Buy" tools. I've been sponsored by 6 leaders in the masonry tool industry.

Please help me help others!

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