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Understanding Proper Dry Laid Stone Techniques - Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site PA - HPTC • Historic Preservation Training Center HPTC Project 2016 @ Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site PA. Rebuild of east headrace sections 3' +/- H dry laid stone retaining wall most likely built in 1771 to supply the water to the water wheel to run the furnace. The wall was then rebuilt in 1939 by the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) and then again in 1984 NPS Williamsport Preservation Training Center of Williamsport, MD. Documentation of the project can be found in the park’s central file H3015, and in the archives accessioned as HOFU- 936.


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Carroll County

Mark Jurus  1990 Graduate from Maryland Institute College of Art - MICA. With a BFA - Visual Communication Graphic Design. Mark has been working with stone since 2007 and started his certification process in 2009. Currently dual certified both with Dry Stone Conservancy (​DSC)​ US Level 2 Journeyman and Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) ​of Great Britain Level 3Advanced. Mark holds the highest certification in surrounding states. In... more

2018 Balducci Bluestone

11/2017 - 4/2018 Monkton Maryland, This project was Built for Nick Balducci who owns 2 Bluestone Quarries in NY. This Backyard makeover highlight all his stone except the granite cobbles and aggregated. Patio, Walkway, Seating walls, Fire pit area.
Patio 14'L x 24' W bluestone sheet stock (2"-4" Thick) bedded on 4" -/+ of 3/8th single washed aggregate ( called #8 in our region) Seating walls 23"-24" H with flat caps ranging from 2"- 4"H, Front aggregate walkway and fire pit area 24' circle filled with 3/4" limestone aggregate (called #57 in our region) with Jumbo Granite Cobbles 7" H x 10" L x 3.5" W +/- for all the edging. The fire pit are also has a BRAND New Product Bluestone Edging ranging from 7"H x 24" -/+ with many more options coming. The treads are Natural Cleft tops with Thermal faces 6' L from house then 5' L going to upper grass landing. Specs: 18" W set at 16" +/- walk Tread, 7" +/- Rise.

2018 Ellicott City Patio

680 Sq Ft Patio construction. Colonial Bluestone squares and rectangles, natural cleft - full color. We went with the full color to gain some of the copper and tans to blend with the copper colored stones in the retaining wall. Michelle also choose the Yellow cobbles to match the Laurel mountain stones on the steps. When building flatwork I choose to use a large cobble granite stone called "Jumbo".

4/2016 Millers Station Springhouse Foundation

4/2016 Millers Station Springhouse Wall specs: Primary stone Butler Stone (a quartzite material) mixed with West Mountain and PA colonial blue stone. From right to left 5' H x 12' L, Back wall 5' H x 16' L, 4' H x 6' L, left wall 4' H x 8' L. 2 cheekends (wall head), 3 corners, 12 tie stones, 2 window frames, 1 bench made up of 3 stones cantilevered from wall, 1 lental. Batter angle 1:8 with 16" tops 32" base on tall wall with 39" protruding foundation set below grade on earth.

2009 Dry Laid Vertical Stack Stone - Fire Pit

PA Blue stone fire pit inspired by Dan Snow found in his book "LISTENING TO STONE". This stone fire pit was built as a X-mas gift for my mother. Took me 78 hours, 2 pallets of PA Blue stone. Measures out to 7 1/2 feet x 2 feet at arch. Many hours have been spent with family and friends enjoying the warmth of Fire.

2013 Field Stone Arch Merrysman Mill Road Phoenix MD

2013, Starburst Arch Round Hill Road, Frederick

An 80 ft long x 1 ft high wall, 4 bench's, 6 vertical stones, 3 ft high x 9.5 ft long wall with 30" l x 19" h arch. Wall with arch Wall 3' h x 9' 4" l PA Lilac / Arch 31" w x 19" h Western Maryland. Stone used on this project was a mix of PA Blue/lilac, Butler stone, and Western Maryland. Time to build 30 days.

2011 Warren Road, Dry Laid Retaining Wall

Located in Cockeysville Maryland. Start date 10/17/11 - Finished date 12/14/11. Rebuild of a historic retaining 34 feet long x 7 feet high. Old wall section (15 feet +/-) around fish pond not rebuilt but corrected. All local stone on site. Including some Butler Stone, PA Blue Stone and Local white historic barn stones from Seminar Ave farm 2011. New wall section includes 9 tie stones with 9 PA Blue Stone - floating steps

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