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About Marian

Marian Ochoa is an interdisciplinary artist and activist working in Baltimore, Maryland. An avid photographer and observer of light and life from a young age, Ochoa honed her photographic skills in the color darkroom and in the digital lab. Struck by the emotional and dramatic possibilities of light she consistently captured, she devoted herself to a path of inquiry and creation grounded in both scientific research and studio experiments. Ochoa continues to pursue visual and experiential ideas commonly... more

812 Welch

812 Welch is a series about how light, color, and form can work together to generate an emotional response to a specific space. The vibrance of the red light that shone through the curtain over the door in my apartment on Welch street, "812 Welch", affected everything within. I made these photographs in pursuit of the essence of that particular red and the experience of a sort of total immersion in it. Some may view the images as dark, but I hope the subtleties serve to engage the viewer on a more personal level, allowing them to spend more time investigating the work from both aesthetic and emotional perspectives. It is necessary to 'turn down' the lights in order to see the show.


An outside perspective of our lives can be terrifying. This photographic series, made shortly before I moved to Baltimore in 2011, documents a sort of internal examination of my life from behind the window. I contemplate the decisions I'll make in the future and ultimately move on.

Finding Light #2

This collection of work continues with the topic of light. These images continue on the topic of light and are created after noticing a particularly poetic, luminous, or colorful 'light-event' as I go about my daily life. The images begin to diverge from much of my previous work as I explore the possibilities of the photographic medium as a tool which can both capture light and reproduce it.

Finding Light

Whether light streams into my room through the blinds, reflects on the ceiling at night from cars passing by, or presents itself in the form of a perfectly placed streetlight, I find myself in situations of extraordinary light constantly. This series of photographs show instances of light that draw me. Each operates as its own 'scene', to be entered, explored, and dismantled.

Luminous Flux

Luminous Flux is the 'visible energy' that the human eye can perceive under well-lit conditions. Through collage of my color contact sheets compiled from 2006-2012, this series concentrates on the luminous and colorful connections made between the often disparate times and places when/where they were taken.
In keeping with the traditional contact sheet idea, the prints are hung without a frame, using rare earth magnets to hold them flat against the wall.

Chromatic Event

Some instances of light and color can only be described as something that happens to whoever is present to feel it. For these pieces, I create my own light - a chromatic event, and record it.

  • Event #8

    Still image from 'Light Event' light performance, 2013
  • Event #6

    Still image from 'Light Event' light performance, 2013
  • Event #5

    Still image from 'Light Event' light performance, 2012
  • Event #1

    Still image from 'Light Event' light performance, 2012
  • Particle Vs. Wave

    20"x30" Archival Inkjet Print
  • Hierarchy, 2013

    13"x21" Mounted Archival Print. The piece creates a visual sense of vibration and unrest.
  • Continnum

    24"x40" Mounted Archival Print. This mounted work 'floats' off of the wall, so as to create depth and contrast with the surface of the wall. The structure of the piece creates a visual sense of vibration
  • Continuum Reiterated

    20"x30" Mounted Archival Print on Museo Silver Rag paper

Chromatic Flux

This work combines my interest in creating and memorializing instances of light and color with the immersive possibilities of sound, motion, and spaitial consideration. The video footage is captured and layered to create unreal forms which transition and dissolve. As in many of my my previous projects, I used a blend of available light, electric light and controlled reflections, filters, curtains and other strategies during my process.
In this installation, a rear projection screen is hung in the middle of the room. The walls are painted a very flat white. The video is projected through the screen, which is viewable by both sides. The white walls absorb the color and the sound reverberates through the space in response to the motion and transitions of the video piece. All elements combined extend the immersive effect of the installation.

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