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About Maria Louise

I am sure it's genetic...if I do not make something every single day with my hands I will expire. I come from a family of building builders, Singer sew-ers and garden growers. Hands make magic. BA of Fine Arts from Shippensburg University, 1993 Jewelry Certificate Program ,MICA, present.

Five Bloom Brooch

The Five Bloom brooch is my most recent design. It's a project I worked on for the cover and a feature article of the Winter 2012 issue of Occasions magazine, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Materials include:
synthetic fabric, Japanese delica glass beads, Czech glass beads, thread

Four Bloom Corsage

I found this unbelievable strand of peacock pearls in NYC. Extremely luminous and iridescent with a slight sanded texture, it took a while to find a fabric that could support their colors and allow the pearls to be the center of attention rather than the petals.

Materials include:
synthetic faux shantung fabric, treated cultivated pearls, thread

MAYA four bloom corsage brooch

This design is one of my first four-bloom brooch pieces. The classic coloring paired with really lush petals give it a timeless look. I wanted to create a piece that a woman of any age could wear.

Materials include:
synthetic faux shantungfabric, Czech glass beads, thread

Souvenir - Cape May, NJ

Additional pieces from my sand and surf collection. All cuff bracelets are copper electroforming over encapsulated beach sand and include seashell, fragments and pearls.

  • sand and surf

    Copper electroformed bangle with encapsulated sand from Cape May, NJ and partially encapsulated pearls with a sea foam patina.
  • A Hold

    Copper electroformed asymmetrical cuff bracelet with encapsulated sand and glass.
  • Fragments

    Actor Tommy Vita. Photo by Miceal Og O'Donnell.
  • loose pearls

    A single bay scallop is set in sand with pearls trailing from both sides. Copper electroforming.

Beach Jetty

Inspired by elements of the ocean and highlighted with colors of the Atlantic surf, this copper electroformed cuff showcases chunks of raw black tourmaline set over encapsulated sand from Cape May, New Jersey.

The natural elements I use in my work are personally collected and often can be a record specific experiences. I think it's interesting to find that one day's collection can vary greatly from the next in a way that you can create a type of timeline as to what the ocean is offering you. The end result is a piece that brings authenticity back to the idea of a souvenir, taking a thought or memory and binding it to a natural element of the immediate physical surroundings.

For me, the jetty marks a memory of my mother, a story of how I acquired a scar, and a lesson on bearing a sense of perspective.

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