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Distance- Free standing- Pine wood, willow - H- 36" x W 36" x D-36"


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Marcia Wolfson Ray was born in Baltimore, Maryland. She received her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. In 1993 she received a fellowship to attend the Mount Royal  Graduate School at the Maryland Institute College of Art where she earned her MFA. While in graduate school she started using organic materials such as bamboo, phragmites, dog fennel, hibiscus, straw, marsh elder and pine wood to construct her sculptures. Some of the galleries that have shown her work in include-... more


"The map is not the territory." - Alfred Korzybski
The source of my art has always come from nature and the landscape. The changes and cycles nature goes through are part of my focus in making art.
These are my latest sculptures from 2018. They are constructed from pine wood and willow. The pine wood was collected from the marshes of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. In the winter the marshes are burned to promote new growth in the spring.
What attracts me to this wood is the visual record that remains. The twists and shapes that were produced when the tree was growing in the marsh. The black charring from the fire and the bleached quality produced by the sunlight as it lies on the ground.
Collecting the materials enables me to be out in nature and this process directly contributes to my desire to make art.
I drill arbitrary holes in the pine wood and use the willow as dowels to construct a scaffolding which creates another visual element.
There is an aspect of randomness that has infiltrated my working process as my art evolves. I can not make sketches of what the finished piece will look like because as I work the piece continually changes. My primary influences are the visual presence of the pieces of wood I am working with and the physical act of having the piece stand.
The delicate balance in constructing the sculpture takes on a life of its own and helps determine the final visual effects. It is the unpredictability in this process that draws me in and keeps me working.
These are 4 of my latest pieces, with several views of each sculpture.


This is a series of free standing pieces that I made in 2016. They represent a departure from my previous work in the fact that they are free standing and not wall hung. This evolution away from the wall focused me more on the three dimensional qualities of my materials and a more subtle use of space. .
The sculptures are constructed from pine wood gathered from the marshes of the Eastern Shore of Maryland and willow.


This work is mainly from 2015. They are all wall hung pieces.
The materials for these works include pine wood, dog fennel, marsh elder, hibiscus, willow and crepe myrtle. Most of the materials I collect myself and sometimes someone may trim a tree and give me the remnants.
I like to use a variety of materials.
Because the inspiration for my work comes from nature the time I spend outdoors is the equivalent to time spent in the studio. The process is ongoing whether I am collecting or actually constructing a sculpture. Many of the pieces have been constructed outdoors.


These works are from 2015 and before. The sculptures were created from material I gather from the fields and marshes mainly on the eastern shore of Maryland. They include pine wood, dog fennel, honeysuckle vines ( and other vines), marsh elder, phragmites and joe pye weed.
The materials and the form they take are strongly influenced by the environment they originate from. The variety of materials sparks my imagination.



These sculptures were installations at the Adkins Arboretum on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. They were created between the years 2010-2016 as part of the Outdoor Sculpture Invitational- Artist Dialogue With The Landscape.
The materials they were constructed from include marsh elder, cherry wood, bamboo, pine wood and dog fennel.


Thee are earlier works. My travels take me to many locations around Maryland but I am increasingly collecting more of my materials from the fields and marshes of the Eastern Shore.

  • Lacuna

    This piece is costructed from dog fennel. It is approximately H-75" x W-24" x D-24".
  • Resist - Wolfson Ray

    This piece is constructed from Dog Fennel and Sensitive Fern, It is approximately H-50" x W 34" x D- 20".
  • Temple - Wolfson Ray

    This piece isconstructed from Dog Fennel . It is approximately H- 65" x W- 35" x D- 25".
  • Camouflage - Wolfson Ray

    This piece is constructed from Marsh Elder, Dog Fennel. It is approximately H-60"x W-60"x D-15".
  • Incline - Wolfson Ray

    This piece is constructed from Dog Fennel. It is approximately H-65" x W- 36" x D-90".
  • Range - Wolfson Ray

    This piece is constructed from Pine Bark and Dog Fennel. I is approximately H-40"x W 30" x D-30".
  • Facade - Wolfson Ray

    This piece is constructed from Marsh Elder. It is approximately H-45" x W- 45" x D 24".
  • Construction

    H 20" x W-20" x D-20" - Grass, phragmites


My love of nature led me to collect a variety of plants for my sculptures which acted as a catalyst for my ideas.

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