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Drawing and painting have been obsessions of mine since the age of two when I drew Bert and Ernie and a host of other characters all over the furniture in my bedroom. The Walters Art Gallery became my favorite place to visit because of the beautiful art and mostly because of my fascination with armor and weapons. My mother would enroll me in various workshops at the Walters and it was the only time I actually had an attention span. Although I was in the gifted art program during my formative years , I... more

Spray Art

This style is very new to me. I really enjoy creating stencils and spray painting. I also use some photo prints from friends and gold leaf in a few of the pieces.


These are works that are representations of our world. I use both recycled and fabricated glass as well as resin to create these works.

  • Apollon

    This is glass and resin on mirror. It represents the sun and its complexity.
  • Fire and Ice

    Glass and oil on canvas. I did this as a representation of heaven and hell.

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