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Stadium II

Stadium II / Acrylic on Canvas / 2019/ 40" X 40”/ (From Stadium series)

Stadium III

Stadium III / Acrylic on Canvas / 2019 / 40" X 40” / (From Stadium series)

Dream Simulation

Dream Simulation/ Acrylic on Canvas/ 2020/ 24”x36”/ (From Refugees series)

Untitled (Green Media)

Untitled (Green Media) / Acrylic on Canvas / 2018 / 32” x 24”


About Mahsa

Baltimore City

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Mahsa R.Fard often paint man-made large scale structures such as cities, stadiums, and apparatuses. She tends to create a new association by introducing unusual color and spatial relationships. Growing up in Iran, she has always been conscious of the dominance of rigid patriarchal gaze both in the public and private sphere. Accessing public and private domains as a female requires subversive strategies. Her imagery reflects a woman’s forced duplicitous roles in these domains. Mahsa contemplates and... more

Stadium Series

Growing up in Iran, I have always felt a sense of resentment, thinking about public places. Dominancy of patriarchal structure and gaze, constantly penetrate every aspect of everyday life. It is extremely apparent when it comes to places like the stadium. I try to capture the banality of these public spaces, not being able to go to stadiums as a woman maintain that structure/space highly potent for me which generates many concerns and questions. 

Why am I not allowed? Who owns stadiums? What is the relationship between gender and public domains, body, and architecture? Who is the sovereign? And what can art do?

I paint stadiums before or after the events, like an empty container which refers to the question of the potentiality. What body would occupy this space? My experience of these spaces are second-hand and mediated through photographs and TV or men who have been in stadiums, so they are distorted and partially fictional. I try to represent this gap by incorporating unusual colors and overlaying transparent surfaces to comment on inescapable traumatic experiences that come with being in a female body in a highly ideological context, where, sarcasm, camouflage, hysterical laughter or silence are survival strategies.

  • Stadium I

    Stadium I/ Acrylic on Canvas/ 2019/ 11” X 10”/
  • Night Game

    Night game/ Acrylic on canvas paper/ 2020
  • Stadium III

    Stadium III/ Acrylic on Canvas/ 2019/ 40" X 40”/
  • Stadium II

    Stadium II/ Acrylic on Canvas/ 2019/ 40" X 40”/
  • Untitled

    Untitled/ Acrylic on Canvas/ 2019/ 13” x 18"/
  • Untitled

    Untitled/ Acrylic on Canvas/ 2019/ 72” x 84”/
  • Azadi Stadium

    Azadi stadium/ Acrylic on Canvas/ 2020/ 24”x18”


  • Hallucination

    Hallucination/ Acrylic on Canvas/ 24” x 36”/ 2020/ From Refugees series
  • 17.jpg

    untitled/ Acrylic on Canvas/ 24” x 36”/ 2020/ From Refugees series
  • Containers Are Coming

    Containers Are Coming/ Acrylic on Canvas/ 2018/ 48” x 60”
  • Emergency Blanket

    Emergency Blanket/ Acrylic and Oil on Canvas/ 2018/ 60” x 84”/ From Refugees series
  • Fade explosion

    Fade explosion/ Acrylic on Canvas/ 2019/ 36” x 48”/
  • Untitled

    Untitled/ Acrylic on canvas/ 2018/ 48” x 60”/
  • Oil tanker

    Oil tanker/ Oil and Acrylic on Canvas/ 2018/ 48” x 60”/

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