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Harbor Sky.jpg

10x16 Acrylic

Selfie with Friends.jpg

20x16 Acrylic

Charles and Mulberry.jpg

20X16 Acrylic


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Baltimore City

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I am an artist living in Pigtown in Baltimore. Recently retired from my “day job” as a Nurse Case Manager I am now free to be a full-time artist. I do not like the word “retirement”. To me it implies I was tired once and now I am tired again. I prefer to view retirement as a graduation and my last day of work as commencement. I am excited to see what I will create as I move forward.   As I paint, I attempt to challenge myself. I consider every painting as a... more

Paintings 2021/2022

These paintings were completed as I prepared for retirement from my career as a Nurse Case Manager. I am glad to now be a full time artist and looking forward to creating many wonderful images.

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