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Work Samples

The Woods Between

4"x6" Gouache & Graphite on Cold Press Paper

Trumpet Honeysuckle in Fall

6"x6" Gouache & Graphite on Cold Press Paper


4"x 6" Gouache & Graphite on Cold Press Paper


4"x 6" Gouache & Graphite on Cold Press Paper


About Magan

Baltimore City

A self-taught artist, Magan has been a long time resident of Baltimore City, Maryland, where she spent 15 years with the Children’s Museum in Baltimore. She re-directed her path to become a certified naturalist, professional artist, and informal educator at World House Community Supported Education. Magan hopes to evoke connections from the human-created world to the world living and breathing all around us. Working through abstract themes with primarily water media, she highlights her travels, her... more


As a naturalist, the smallest elements in nature focus sharply, while backdrops blur and become a nest of feeling. The hoof of a deer, the twirl of a vine, these are the things that stay with me. By sharply seperating these details from their greater canvas, I hope to remind the audience that the smallest moments are sometimes the most memorable.

Border Crossing

Work as a naturalist, educator, and artist, collide to create a series of works that show mans' patterns, borrowed from the environment and imprinted on that natural world creating unatural boundaries where there should be none.

Magan's Curated Collection

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