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Lynne Price Holds an MFA in Dance from University of Maryland, College Park and is currently a Visiting Instructor in Movement and Modern Dance at Saint Mary's College of Maryland, as well as the founder of Baltimore Dance Independent Artists, a . Adjunct Faculty at UMD. At the University of Maryland, Lynne has taught undergraduate classes in modern, improvisation, dance history and theory and a 400 level contact improvisation course. In April 2014, Lynne was honored with the Distinguished Teaching... more

Commissioned Choreography for the Baltimore Composers Forum

The first video is Of Chance and Happenstance and was created for the Baltimore Composer's Forum's Sound in Motion II, presented as part of Free Fall 2009. It was performed at the Baltimore Museum of Art. It was created in collaboration with composers Ljiljana Javornovic, Keith Kramer and Ariyo Shahy, and danced by Lily Susskind, Lennifer Lucey, Jenny Berkowitz and Melissa Talleda.

Also performed at Load of Dance hosted by Effervescent Collective at LoF/T, May 1, 2010 (first video).

Le Reve (second photo, taken in rehearsal) was performed as part of the Baltimore Composer's Forum's Sound In Motion III during Free Fall Baltimore 2010 at the Creative Alliance. It was a collaboration with composer Ljiljana Jovornavic and presented dancers Lily Susskind, Effervescent Collective, Rachel Boss, Effervescent Collective and Camille Lattimore, The Collective as well as performer Chris Reed, Stevenson University.

Shutter Priority (second video) was created as part of a full evening collaboration with the Baltimore Composers Forum's Sound in Motion IV: Available at Baltimore Theatre Project in November 2011. Lynne choreographed 9 dance works to musical compositions by 9 composers for this show.

Shutter Priority was then shown at the Collective's Open Marley Night at the Baltimore Theatre Project during winter 2012.

The third video is Shattered Skies, a collaboration between composer Keith Kramer and mylsef. It is an interactive improvisation performance and was performed at Sound in Motion V at EMP in Baltimore on November 9, 2013. Danced by Lynne Price

The fourth video is Eos-Helios, a choreographed work for composer Rahilia Hassanova. Rahilia provided the concept, an ancient ritual of greeting the sun, and composition for me to create a work for. It was performed at Sound in Motion V at EMP in Baltimore on November 9, 2013. Dancers are Sarah Anne Austin, Polly Hurlburt and Martha Johnston.

Collaborative Improvisation Project with Klein/Prince

Klein/Prince and Lynne Price create improvisational music/dance/poetry work and perform throughout the Baltimore/DC area.

The first video is from a performance at States and Drives at E.M.P. June 2013

The second video is a playlist of rehearsal footage from the project

Static: If I, then we?

This work was originally conceived as a close look into relationships. It investigates trust, communication and the ability for the needs of an individual to be nurtured within and shape a relationship.

This work premiered as part of the Collective's annual concert at Baltimore Theatre Project in March 2013.
The second iteration of this work appeared at Dance Place as part of the New Releases Choreographers Showcase in July 2013.

Duet for one dancer

This work premiered during the Shared Graduate Movement Concert at Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center in February 2013.

Duet for one dancer explores Lynne's experience of being raped by her father during childhood and tracks her journey of survival.


Silhou // ette and Awe, or The Other were both performed at the Creative Alliance as part of The Collective Presents: SHORTS!

Silhou // ette

Choreography: Lynne Price
Commissioner: Andrew Sargus Klein
Music: Excess Strausses by The Books
Costume Design: Lynne Price
Dancers: Lynne Price, Kristen Yeung (US)
About the commission:
The source material for the work was a poem written by commissioner Andrew Sargus Klein (see below). Andrew also provided direction on the music used to score the piece and selected the choreographer who translated his words into movement.

silhou // ette

Is speech a step
too far from

I meet you
at the quiet

a moment

as light—an arc,

the entrance
and its exit.

Trust simple,
see it expand,
fill a room alone.

The memory of objects
the half reality of time
the ligament warmth—

see how bright
the things that grow
from the ground.

See the glass absolve.
Remember the sky?:

a membrane
between sun & blood.

I touch your hand
under warm leather,
how bright the path
that slows this morning.

Awe, or The Other
Choreography: Lynne Price
Commissioner: Kevin Griffin Moreno
Music: Doomsday from The Shenandoah Harmony
(Recorded at the Northern Shenandoah Valley All-Day
Singing and Dinner on the Grounds, Cross Keys, Virginia,
June 2, 2013)
Costume Design: Lynne Price
Performers: Kelly Alt, Polly Hurlburt, Alyson Jacques,
Sonia Synkowski, and Kristen Yeung
Every angel is terrifying. (“Jeder Engel ist schrecklich"
- Rilke)
About the commission:
This work was inspired on many levels from the eloquent information provided by commissioner Kevin Griffin Moreno. First, a quote from a Rilke poem that reads Every angel is terrifying (Jeder Engel ist schrecklich) was used as the concept. Then, the full and haunting choral work added another dimension. Next, choreographer Lynne Price was selected by the commissioner to realize the vision that beauty can be awful or awe inspiring. Lastly, Kevin added one specific note for Lynne in making the work; at least once during the piece, the dancers should face each other in a square formation, if only for a second.

The Space We Draw

The Space We Draw has been performed as part of The Collective's Baltimore Dance Invitational at Baltimore Theatre Project and at the Howard Community College Dance Festival.

The piece is an ethnographic study from an emic perspective of (western) dance as both a practice and a performance. I'm looking at the way we rehearse and perform as a ritual in itself and telling the story to the audience from the dancers' perspective. It is the journeys of the individuals through the ritual as well as the ensemble. To me, this piece is calming; it is athletic; it is surprising; it is fun; it is meaningful; it is peaceful; it is introspective; it is performative; it is community building; it is self-exploration. Every time I practice the piece, I feel deeply connected to myself, to the space and to the dancers within it.


Performed on the UMD, College Park campus May 2013

Canned Soup

Canned Soup was perfomed at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center in April 2014 as part of the Shared Graduate Dance Showcase. Canned Soup explores gender, the industrialization, commoditization and sexualization of food and eating disorders. The performance is a solo with support that takes place in a kiddie pool while the dancer support pours processed food items over the soloist and make references to the Can-Can and the Shop Rite commercial.

Sharing a Dance with You

Sharing a Dance with You was created as the culminating thesis presentation for a Masters of Fine Arts in Dance at the University of Maryland, College Park in October 2014. It will have many more lives in Baltimore and across the country as an artistic exploration of community, art and activism.

Marketing material:
Sharing a Dance with You
By Lynne Price

Sharing a Dance with You creates a communal space for audience involvement, creation and tasting. Exploring the relationships between gender, trauma, healing and wellness, the work encourages an immersive, sensory-based experience.

Audience members transition from viewer to participant through the ancient and arguably mundane preparation, presentation and consumption of food. By making the audience as much a part of the meal as the artistic performance, everyone has the opportunity to explore issues of identity.

To watch the work in it's entirety (1 hour, 7 minutes), please email me at Due to nudity and sensitive content, the video is kept private. I am happy to share with those who are interested.

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