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Lost in the Caribbean

Lost in the Caribbean 2022 -- paying tribute to an idyllic memory and a symbol of a peaceful mindset's importance for living a beautiful life.

River of Solace 2021

River of Solace 2021 -- expression of longing for comfort in a Covid-19 world in the first decade of this new millennium.


"Revelation" I was invited to create this painting as part of "Into the Light," a benefit show curated by Bridgette Mayer Johnson, owner of Bridgette Mayer Gallery in Philadelphia. I am very grateful that my piece was purchased and that I was able to help support Friends of the Rail Park in their efforts to revitalize three miles of rail lines for use as a beautiful public space in Philadelphia.

Foraging Field

Foraging Field
"Foraging Field" This painting was selected for the "82nd National Midyear Show," at the Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH, by the talented New York painter and sculptor, Peter Reginato. I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Ohio for the opening reception and awards at the museum and to see its wonderful collection in person. Definitely a highlight of my art career to date!


About Lynn

Baltimore County

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CREATING VISUAL ART IS THE MOST ENGAGING, SATISFYING AND MEANINGFUL WAY FOR ME TO LIVE MY LIFE. What you see on this site is a small group of my work produced mostly from 2012-2022. For more information, read on..... Lynn Rybicki studied painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art. For over 30 years she has been painting and showing her work in Maryland, throughout the region, and beyond. Highlights of 2022 ARTSY SHARK -- summer showcase online Highlights of 2021 "Hope and... more

New Paintings 2022

For me, the landscape is the holy sanctuary of the earth.  It is wild and free and elemental--much like the nature of man.  My newest work continues my use of  abstracted landscapes as a metaphor to express the holiness of all of creation--the depth of what lies beneath the surface of life.

Paintings 2021

My current painting practice and methods are spontaneous and come from within.  I have no preconceived ideas beyond selection of colors and a strong desire to express with paint.  Large brushstrokes, vigorous gestures and drawing directly on the canvas from paint jars are some of the techniques I use to make compelling statements on small canvases.  I add depth to non-representational elements to take the viewer deeper into my vision of the world. My abstractions express emotions, the profound dynamics of the human experience, and the depth of what lies beneath the surface of life.

All paintings are 8" x 10" horizontal or vertical, unless otherwise specified.


Drawing from life is meditation. It informs the artistic process in every way, regardless of the style of an artist's work.

Colored Pencil Drawings

Small works on paper in one of my favorite mediums. Images are on 9x12 paper.

Paintings 2018-2019

Ongoing work in a smaller format as I continue with a life transition and a smaller studio space.  All paintings are acrylic on canvas and 8" x 10" horizontally or vertically.

  • Revelation

    This painting was selected for a curated exhibition, "Into the Light," to benefit Friends of the Rail Park in Philadelphia, by Bridgette Mayer Johnson, owner of Bridgette Mayer Gallery in Phiadelphia. The piece was sold and I am happy to have been part of this great project to transform unused railways into beautiful public use spaces in Philly.
  • Foraging Field 2018

    Foraging Field
    This painting was selected for the "82nd Annual Midyear Exhibition" at the Butler Museum of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio, by talented New York painter and sculptor, Peter Reginato. It was a great honor to be part of this wonderful show.
  • Whispers of the Night

    Whispers of the Night -- A 2019 painting that expresses my ongoing exploration of what lies beneath the surface of life.
  • Magical Fall 2018

    Magical Fall 2018
    My first new painting after recovering from major surgery in July.

Selected Works 2016 - 2018

All of these are 8" x 10" paintings on canvas completed during a time of movement and transition to a smaller studio and living space.

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