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Chosen by Artist Sunday as a TOP 20 gift for 2020, this iconic Maryland symbol is dressed up as a work of art.


Using stained glass to create realistic designs is a challenge because blending colors is not possible. The glass colors can change dramatically with light shining from behind. A mosaic allows the piece to flow more than using traditional stained glass methods. These sunflowers are captured in a vintage wooden window 32"x 36"

Give a heART

Broken dish mosaic of a heart full of flowers with hugging arms around it
This broken dish or pique assiette mosaic was created in response to a prompt from the Art League of Ocean City during the initial quarantine of spring 2020. The ALOC was encouraging the community to display a basic version of this image to remind everyone that we need to take care of others as well as ourselves.


Organic mosaics made from slate and glass. Here 4, 4"x4" minis combine in an abstract to represent the four elements in a 12"x 12" floater frame.


About Lisa

Howard County

Lisa Scarbath's picture
Lisa is thrilled to be a Resident Artist at the Howard County Center for the Arts in Ellicott City. She creates mosaic wall art, decor, furniture and custom stained glass pet portraits. Lisa has always been creative, but did not pursue art as a career until recently.  After practicing law then starting a family, She worked as an undergraduate adjunct law professor for 10 years.  In 2020, Lisa dedicated herself to her art business and is fortunate to have her work in 7 stores from Frederick to... more

Steampunk 3D

Chosen by Artists Sunday as one of the Top 20 Gift Ideas for 2020! These fun and funky 3D mosaic sculptures are dressed with steampunk watch parts, beads, costume jewelry and found objects. 

Stained Glass Mosaics

Using stained glass to create a realistic picture is challenging because colors cannot be blended as in a painting.  Chosing the right color, texture and transparency is as important as cutting the right shapes and sizes of the pieces.  The spaces in between give the work its depth and movement. These stained glass pieces vary in size from large vintage wooden windows to 8"x10" or smaller for the individual flowers.


Working with slate is so satisfying!  I love getting my hands dirty cutting slate tiles into rods.  Each rod can then be shaped or splintered to create different shapes. These organic pieces can easily depict the Earth or create abstract pieces adorned with colorful glass bits.

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