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Lily has been making dances for over a decade. Mentored as a teenager by former Tharp dancers, Richard Colton and Amy Spencer at Concord Academy and Summer Stages Dance, Lily was raised up on post-modern dance. From time spent time in Bahía, Brazil, Lily developed research about dance, politics, and religion, that turned into a BA in Dance Anthropology. Lily's primary physical practice is based on Gaga, the movement language of Ohad Naharin, which she travels to NYC and Tel Aviv to study. Lily also... more

Aromatic (Non)Sense: Dances for Smelling

With Effervescent Collective: Real Man Situations
Music: Original score including Old Spice commercials and a very drunken cover of "Be My Baby" arranged by Andrew Bernstein.
Venue: 2640 Space, Baltimore, MD
Lights: Dancers w. Greg St. Pierre
Costumes: Dancers
Aromatic (Non)Sense was our first endeavor as Effervescent Collective, splitting a cohesive evening into individually choreographed acts that all used a sense of smell: 1) Lemons (choreo Laura Grossman 2) Cilantro (choreo Lynne Price) and 3) Old Spice (Lily Kind).

Live original music from Andrew B. Bernstein, Jon Ehrens, Owen Garner, and friends.

Dirty Dancing

Music: The Motorettes based on original motion picture soundtrack.
Starring Jake Dibeler as Baby and Savannah Reich as Johnny.
Director, stage-adaptation, costume design, co-choreographer: Claire Cote
Venue: Annex Theater (back when it was on E. Oliver St.)
All photos Justin Tscucalas

Pluto Dances

5. With the Effervescent Collective: Pluto Dances
Music: Andrew Bernstein with members of the bands Hume and Horselords.
Venue: Lumberhaus, Baltimore, MD.
Lights: Greg St. Pierre
Costumes: Lily Kind & Claire Cote
'Pluto Dances' honors Pluto, the kaboose of the solar system, ice-dwarf formerly known as a planet, now re-classified as otherwise. The dance revolves around the space where fact becomes fiction, as science and myth orbit each other.
Pluto Dances was the premiere performance at the Lumberhaus, a space I helped found in Station North, a much needed home for experimental dance in Baltimore. RIP.

Shake Off - Round Robin 2011

With Effervescent Collective
Music: Rye Rye “Shake it to the Ground,” a popular Baltimore club track.
Venue: Lumberhaus, Baltimore, MD. The Lumberhaus, was a short-lived warehouse dance studio I ran. It was subject to cycles of decay and development. It is now owned by Maryland Institute College of Art.
Lights: Greg St. Pierre
Costumes: Dancers
To be "rocking off" or "shaking off" is slang for dancing hard and fierce in Baltimore club
parlance. Baltimore club is a local vernacular social dance and music form. The Round Robin format (audience in the middle, stages on periphery). I produced the Round Robin, inviting six emerging dance and performance artists to create and
share in a party atmosphere.

Cove Folder

All photos Nicole Munchel.
With the Effervescent Collective; Cover Folder -
- Choreography by Lily Kind begins minutes 12:00.
Music: Dan Deacon & Friends; "2008" USA Premiere.
Lily Kind Cal Arts Slide Room Annotation
Venue: Area 405 Baltimore, MD.
Costumes: Sarah Magida.
Lights: Greg St. Pierre.
Dan's live shows are famous and beloved for ritualized simple audience interaction such as follow the leader or London Bridge. 'Cove Folder' takes these rituals out of Dan's hands, playing with intrusion and exclusion. If you need to smile today, the audience interaction begins around minute 17:00.

Improvisation for Performance

B.R.O.S Mistress of Movement

I've been working with the B.R.O.S since 2009. B.R.O.S has grown from a backyard production to one of the top theater companies in Maryland, with a devout following, a commitment to over the-top production, and a love of blood, lasers, and metal. For "Murdercastle" I worked closely with the director and writers to create a physical world that combined Victorian manners with aDavid Lynch mojo. There will always be a special place in my futuristic heart for my role of Android, from "Terricle Secret of Lunastus."

Butter Knife

With Effervescent Collective: Butter Knife
Music: Score by Louis Weeks and Lily Kind, including excerpts of Mike Rae's "Any Little
Game" and cover of Fiona Apple's "Hot Knife."
Venue: Butter Knife was rehearsed and performed at The Coward Shoe Warehouse in Summer 2012, Baltimore, MD, and performed again at The Creative Alliance in 2013
Lights: Tiffany Seal
Costumes: Antonina Clarke.
Butter Knife plays with manners, decorum, decoration, and decency. Butter Knife overlaps with our training in Systema, a low impact Russian martial arts form that teaches softness and energy manipulation for defense, health, and longevity.
Butter Knife remains our ongoing repertory work and is continuously being revisited and
DANCERS: Erin Reid, Rachel Boss, Brittany Grant (2013), Sierra DeSalvia (2012)
All photos James Oshida.

Silent Groove

With Effervescent Collective:

This phrase is nick-named "Silent Groove." We are working with a team of skate boarders and film-makers to build a skate film that features dancing and a dance-film that features skating, all in one. Filming is scheduled for April 2014.

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