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ILL Conscious - The Testament feat. DJ Audas, Prod. by Kyo Itachi

Ill Conscious Teams up with French producer Kyo Itachi and Chilean turntablist DJ Audas to create a vivid picture of the upbringing of the Baltimore emcee.

Ill Conscious, Jay Royale & Minus Nine does 80's, 90's, 00's Tribute

Ill Conscious pays homage to the different significant eras of hip hop giving a timeless record from each moment in time and putting his own spin on it. June 2017 - opening up for The God Emcee, Rakim Allah. It is important to remember the legends and pioneers that paved the way for the rest of us. Shot by Wendel Patrick Location: Baltimore Soundstage

ILL Conscious - Self Savior feat. DJ Goadman Prod. by Hamorabi

Fresh off of his sophomore LP release The Prerequisite and Sorcery EP, ILL Conscious teams up with Lebanese producer, Hamorabi and Canadian turntablist, DJ Goadman to create the opus known as "Self Savior". The production is reminiscent of a theatrical triumphant middle eastern rebellion. ILL expresses his disdain for the oppressive American government and subjective society through social and political commentary all while incorporating witty, metaphoric battle style rhymes.

Ill Conscious Fallen Legends Tribute @ Rams Head Live

Ill Conscious Fallen Legends Tribute @ Rams Head Live in Baltimore, MD opening up for the Legendary Redman & Method man. 2017. Shot by Wendel Patrick


About Lavar

Baltimore City

Lavar Clark's picture
ILL Conscious is a hip-hop artist based in Baltimore, Maryland.  With a fresh innovative approach, ILL’s style is still pleasantly reminiscent of the authentic 90’s hip-hop era. Since 2007, ILL has been performing along the east coast, mid-west and has sparred in several battle competitions where he would come out as the victor.  He has been featured on numerous rap blogs, online magazines, excerpts, and has been quoted as a mix between a later-in-his-career AZ, a Capital Punishment Big Pun,... more

The Essence

The Essence is Ill Conscious's official debut solo album that was released in Summer 2015.  The album was essentially created for true hip hop heads, thus giving the listeners that underground boom bap sound.  The production team on the album ranges from Copenhagen producer, M.W.P. to Norwegian producers Loop.Holes.  The Essence epitomizes the foundation of the Golden Era, when hip hop was pure and unadulterated.  Every lyric on the album was narrated observing through the scope of a Baltimore native.  Supporters of the Baltimore emcee agree that The Essence is the embodiment of social and political commentary within the urban inner city communities.  The Essence was an important album because it was a response to the Freddie Gray tragedy and other police brutality cases around the world.  The undertones in this project are that of civilians marching against injustices worldwide.  Ill Conscious' The Essence, also acquired his first vinyl deal through the United Kingdom's most notable vinyl record label, Chopped Herring Records.  In turn, this created a business relationship that would serve as promising and benefcial for Ill's future projects.  Ill Conscious has a good contrast of consciousness and street interpretations  that all sides of the hip hop community can appreciate. The Essence is a necessary album for all listeners and it connects all elements of hip hop that have been absent from many projects of this generation. 

  • The Essence album cover

    The Essence
    Artwork by Michael Young. Photograph taken at Penn Station in Baltimore, MD by Brit Mcinnis - Circa May 2013
  • ILL Conscious - What You Need prod. by Marshtini (Loop.Holes)

    This Loop.Holes produced track is one of the most notable from ILL Conscious' debut 2015 LP, The Essence. ILL details his observations and experiences in Baltimore, MD through vivid social commentary on a solemn, melodic soundtrack. The legendary Busta Rhymes sample plays in the hook as the visuals portray the inner city woes. The Essence is available online on all major digital outlets, CD and vinyl.
  • Ill Conscious-The Essence LP

    Snippets of The Essence on Chopped Herring Records for vinyl release Ill Conscious - The Essence Tracks: A1 Good Morning Baltimore A2 The Pledge A3 Sheep A4 What You Need A5 Born Supreme A6 When it Sounded Like This B1 The Essence B2 A West Side Thing feat. Dirt Platoon B3 The Ruler B4 Wisdom B5 Subliminal Propaganda B6 When It Sounded Like This Pt.2 A1, A4 & B2 produced by Loop Holes. A2 & A6 produced by Cold Logistics. A3 & B4 produced by TooNorth. A5 & B3 produced by M.W.P. B1 produced by illMeasured. B5 produced by Theology.
  • Ill Conscious feat. Cyn Hawkes- The Pledge

    The first single and video for The Essence. The Pledge is produced by Cold Legistics from Rhode Island. The Pledge features another Baltimore artist Cyn Hawkes. Video shot and directed by Jay Mastermind from Baltimore, MD.
  • The Essence: Very Limited Vinyl on Chopped Herring Records

    ill conscious, vinyl, the essence, hip hop, chopped herring records, chopped herring
    Ill Conscious landed his first vinyl deal on the United Kingdom's Chopped Herring Records. Very limited Vinyl. 2015
  • Ill Conscious x Loop.Holes - Declare

    Track and video for unreleased ILL Conscious album, Import Export after The Essence campaign. circa Fall 2015 Ill Conscious X Marshtini (Loop.Holes) - "Declare" Feat: Cuts by Kool DJ KC Fly Directed by: Grasshopper Philms Album: "Import Export"
  • Sheep prod. by TooNorth - Ill Conscious

    Single from The Essence. Compilation of visuals not owned by Ill Conscious used for promotional use only. prod. by TooNorth from Oregon
  • Ill Conscious Logo

    ill conscious logo, ill conscious, logo
    The Ill Conscious logo was created as a homage to the ancient Egyptian symbol, the eye of Horus/Ra. It also capsulates Ill's initials, I and C, all while respresenting the opening of the third eye, good health, protection, and supreme royal power.
  • Borm Supreme-Ill Conscious

    The Offcial Music Video for Born Supreme was shot but never released on any platform. It is Track 5 of the album, The Essence. Shot & Directed by Boombap Dlow
  • The Original Ill Conscious T-shirts

    ill conscious, t shirts, ill conscious design
    This is the first design of Ill Conscious T-shirts. This was the original logo that Ill used during The Essence campaign. Photograph taken by Chris Springer.

The Prerequisite

The Prerequisite is ILL Conscious's sophomore album that was released February of 2018. On this project, ILL displays his lyrical prowess over a soundscape created by international producers ranging from Scandinavia to South America. Considering that the first album had very serious and conscious undertones, The Prerequisite introduced a different tone from the Baltimore emcee as a insightful bragadocious lyricist who can still spit that raw grit. During The Prerequisite campaign, ILL Conscious and rap counterparts Dirt Platoon & Guy Grams went on a 4 date mini tour in Paris, France, and London, England. It also created a buzz in Chile where ILL later toured in 2019. 

  • The Prerequisite album cover

    The Prerequisite, cd cover, ill conscious
    Artwork by Skarr Akbar.
  • ILL Conscious - The Testament feat. DJ Audas, Prod. by Kyo Itachi

    Ill Conscious Teams up with French producer Kyo Itachi and Chilean turntablist DJ Audas to create a vivid picture of the upbringing of the Baltimore emcee.
  • ILL Conscious - The Narrative feat. Jay Royale, Prod. by Eyedee & cuts by DJ TMB

    The first single off of ILL Conscious's sophomore project "The Prerequisite". He recruits West Coast producer Eyedee for the soundscape with fellow Baltimore artist and 1/2 of The Tutelage, Jay Royale with cuts by UK turntablist DJ TMB.
  • ILL Conscious - Clyde Drexler Prod. by Loop.Holes

    Single from The Prerequisite, prod. by Marshtini of Loop.Holes from Norway. Loop.Holes is a team of Norwegian producers all with unique & different boom bap styles. Ill has been making music with them since his first album, The Essence.
  • Album, The Prerequisite Vinyl

    The Prerequisite,vinyl, rap, hiphop, ill conscious
    The Prerequisite landed a very limited vinyl record deal with the United Kingdom's most notable hip hop vinyl label, Chopped Herring Records. Prior to The Prerequisite, ILL's first album The Essence was a part of the Chopped Herring Records collection as well. Today in the underground hip hop circuit, vinyl is validation that your project is certified among hip hop heads. It's the staple that portrays that you have accomplished something that will sustain the test of longevity in a overly saturated market.
  • Flyer for First European Tour

    ILL Conscious flyer
    ILL Conscious promotional flyer for first international tour in France and England.
  • Respect the tagger

    ILL Conscious pays homage to Parisian graffiti writers. Graffiti is one of the four elements of hip hop. Circa April 2018 - Paris, France during The Prerequisite campaign.
  • "Y'all don't draw it like yall shooters, y'all cartoonist!"

    ill conscious, animation, cartoon
    The Ill Conscious animation made its first appearance with the release of The Prerequisite in February 2018. It served as a complimentary sticker with your purchase of The Prerequisite CD. It reads under the boot.
  • The Official Ill Conscious Website

    ill conscious,, baltimore, hip hop
    Two years after The Essence release, Ill Conscious does some re-branding and equips himself with an official website with all of his current releases.
  • The Prerequise CD & Vinyl

    ill conscious, vinyl, cd, chopped herring records
    Vinyl courtesy of Chopped Herring Records. Cds courtesy of Ill Conscious.

Sorcery: Mz Boom Bap x Ill Conscious

Sorcery is a collaborative EP by Baltimore's Ill Conscious and Portugal's Mz Boom Bap.  Despite being separated by the Atlantic Ocean, the two cities of Baltimore, MD and Amarante, Portugal share the same longitudinal meridian coordinates.  The connection became eminent as Mz Boom Bap and Ill Conscious share a common love for 90's golden age boom bap hip hop.  They met through mutual sorces and continued to build a networking relationship that would later transition into one of the most timeless EPs of this modern generation.  Both styles compliment one another making Sorcery an instant classic among underground hip hop fans.  Sorcery was released through Vinyl Digital, one of Germany's most prolific indie labels.  Sorcery is available on all major digital platforms, CD and vinyl.  Features consist of King Magnetic, Omnia Azar, Cyn Hawkes and DJ Grazzhoppa.  

  • Sorcery album cover

    Artwork by Phoniks
  • ILL Conscious x Mz Boom Bap - Potent Serum ft. King Magnetic & DJ Grazzhoppa

    The first visual installment from the Mz Boom Bap x ILL Conscious SORCERY EP features the Allentown, PA underground juggernaut King Magnetic, as well as the Belgium turntablist, DJ Grazzhoppa. This early to mid 90's jam is bound to take you back to a place when hip hop was raw, uncut and unadulterated.
  • Mz Boom Bap & Ill Conscious - Sorcery (Official Videosnippet)

    Vinyl Digital label Official Sorcery promotional video
  • Official Sorcery vinyl, courtesy of Vinyl Digital

    Limited Edition of 500 copies on Vinyl Digital label.
  • Sorcery (Full EP) - MZ Boom Bap & Ill Conscious

    Support the artist & the label by purchasing the record here: Label: Vinyl Digital GmbH Producer: MZ Boom Bap Featuring: King Magnetic, DJ Grazzhoppa, Omnia Azar, Cyn Hawkes Ill Conscious & Mz Boom Bap – Sorcery EP Tracklist MZ Boom Bap & Ill Conscious - Sorcery MZ Boom Bap & Ill Conscious - Potent Serum feat. King Magnetic & DJ Grazzhoppa MZ Boom Bap & Ill Conscious - Nostalgic MZ Boom Bap & Ill Conscious - Vibes Don’t Lie feat. Omnia Azar & Cyn Hawkes MZ Boom Bap & Ill Conscious - History feat.
  • Sorcery promo

    ill conscious, santiago, chile, sorcery, vinyl, vinyl collector
    Ill Conscious in Santiago, Chile promoting Sorcery vinyl. Photograph taken by Nav Pancho.
  • Ill Conscious Sorcery promo in Chile

    sorcery, ill conscious, chile, santiago
    Ill Conscious preparing for show in Chile. Sorcery Promo Photograph taken by Nav Pancho.
  • Ill Conscious Sorcery promo @ Shade 45

    sorcery, ill conscious, shade 45, xm radio, dj eclipse
    Ill Conscious promotes Sorcery on Rap is Outta Control Shade 45.
  • Sorcery CD inserts

    sorcery, ill conscious, booklet, hip hop enterprise, switzerland
    CD Booklet for Sorcery. Each side of the flaps gives a brief synopsis of Ill Conscious and Mz Boom Bap's respective hometown cities. CDs are available and distributed exclusively, courtesy Hip Hop Enterprise, Switzerland record label.
  • Sorcery CDs

    sorcery, ill conscious, mz boom bap, hip hop enterprise
    5 limited signed copies of SORCERY at

Parimore - Paris to Baltimore

Parimore is a compilation project that includes both an EP and a documentary placing emphasis on the daily endeavors, objectives,  as well as the pros and cons of being a true independent artist on the road or abroad.  ILL Conscious and his rap couterparts, Dirt Platoon and Guy Grams went to Europe on a four day mini tour targeting their core audiences in respective regions.  The Baltimore emcees have worked with Parisian producers & DJs prior to their trip abroad. However, with all parties in one setting, ILL Conscious and his comrads were able to create an opus that bridged the gap between two cities, more similar than you would imagine - Paris and Baltimore. The experience created new opportunities for them that would serve as beneficial when ILL Conscious returns back to Europe in 2020.  The EP, Parimore is now available on all major digital outlets and CD. 


LOGISTIX is Ill Conscious's 4th official solo project.  The album is a collection of Ill Conscious singles from 2017-2019, that was later compiled into an actual LP release.  Features on the project include some of the top underground up and coming lyricists, such as Baltimore's own Jay Royale and Ghana's Recognize Ali.  Logistix was released Summer of 2019 and is considered a top candidate for Album of the Year amongst his supporters and reputable sources.   The album is also Ill Conscious's 3rd LP to acquire a vinyl deal through the UK record label, Chopped Herring.  Logistix has a sound that is more modern day boom bap, with hard, grungy, dusty beats and stellar lyricism.  The album is available on all major digital platforms and CD.  For the vinyl collectors, stay tuned as pre-orders for Logistix will begin January 10th, 2020 on the Chopped Herring Records website. 

  • Logistix Album Cover

    logistix, ill conscious, artwork
    Artwork by Trappist M0nk
  • ILL Conscious - Self Savior feat. DJ Goadman Prod. by Hamorabi

    Fresh off of his sophomore LP release The Prerequisite and Sorcery EP, ILL Conscious teams up with Lebanese producer, Hamorabi and Canadian turntablist, DJ Goadman to create the opus known as "Self Savior". The production is reminiscent of a theatrical triumphant middle eastern rebellion. ILL expresses his disdain for the oppressive American government and subjective society through social and political commentary all while incorporating witty, metaphoric battle style rhymes.
  • Ill Conscious – Logistix (Full Album)

    Ill Conscious – Logistix Featuring: Codenine, Recognize Ali, SageInfinite, Ice Lord, J Scienide, AA Rashid, Jay Royale, DJ TMB, Supreme Cerebral, Jamil Honesty, DJ Grazzhoppa, DJ Goadman Producers: Jumbled, Mika Dough, DJ Tako, Eyeree, God Yash, MWP, DJ Daredevil, Hamorabi Tracklist Ill Conscious – Abrahamic Authors (prod. by Jumbled) Ill Conscious – In The S.T.R.E.E.T.S. feat. Jay Royale (prod. by Mika Dough) Ill Conscious – Supreme Soloist (prod. by DJ Tako) Ill Conscious – The Coronation feat. Codenine (prod. by Eyeree) Ill Conscious – Renaissance feat. Ice Lord & AA Rashid (prod.
  • Logistix CD and design

    sorcery, ill conscious, booklet, hip hop enterprise, switzerland
    Logistix CDs courtesy of Hip Hop Enterprise indie label in Switzerland. Available @
  • Sunday Break Down in Washington DC

    logistix, ill conscious, sunday breakdown
    During the Logistix campaign, Ill Conscious performed at Sunday Break Down alongside El Da Sensei from the legendary Artifacts, Finale from Detroit, and J Scienide.
  • Black Daddy Gang

    logistix, ill conscious, sunday breakdown, black daddy gang
    During the Logistix campaign, Ill Conscious promotes the Baltimore based clothing label "Black Daddy Gang" hoodie.

Bienvenido a Santiago de Chile!

Since 2017, Ill Conscious has been collaborating with several artists, producers and DJs from Chile, South America.  When The Prerequisite released in 2018, it featured Chilean underground artists, Papitas Freestile, DJ Dacel & Chilean producer Hi-Cees.  Ill's fan base increased tremendously in Santiago, Chile in particular and it was evident in his end of the year analytics and streaming reports (2018).  Targeting his core audience, Ill decided that it was a great opportunity to reach his fans & supporters on the ground.  Papitas Freestile affiliates, Sound Bastard, a promotional company for events, would then bring Ill Conscious to Santiago de Chile (Spring 2019) to headline four events with local known acts for support.  Other Chilean artists Ill Conscious has worked with before include Bruto CHR, DJ Audas, Sello Personal, Joe Bananas and MC Bubaseta.  Ill Conscious continues to plant the Baltimore flag in all parts of the world.  The networking relationships between Papitas Freestile, Sound Bastard and Ill Conscious proved that even with the language barrier shared across thousands of miles, hip hop is international and a universal dialect. 

Baltimore Boom Bap Society: Series

Baltimore Boom Bap Society is a platform hosted by DJ Dubble8 & Wendel Patrick where different musicians and local emcees create live improvised hip hop.  The event takes place once a month. However, after taking several months hiatus and relocating the venue, Baltimore Boom Bap Society finally returns with a even more polished look.  This event is a collaborative experimentation, or rather a dialogue between hip hop and other forms of music that would not exactly meet in a conventional setting. The musicians and the hip hop artists have no prior rehearsal or preparation.

"The diverse combinations serves as a way to explore a hybrid improvisation and beat-based composition." 
Ill Conscious has been a part of several Baltimore Boom Bap Society series and you can see the growth & comfortability in his performing artistry since 2015.

Radio Promotions and Sessions

This showcases just a few of the many radio sessions and interviews that Ill Conscious has participated in, spanning the city of Baltimore, all the way to New York City. 

The radio is a very important resource for artists to effectively promote their material.  The radio is a first hand account and extension to the people.  While many FM stations are limited to regional areas, resisting to play hometown artists, local creators seek refuge in XM stations that provide a global platform for underground hip hop.  DJs such as Eclipse, Premier, and Statik Selektah have been at the forefront of breaking new hip hop acts.  Radio is responsible for bringing the emcee to the fans.  

Legendary Company

Since 2015, Ill Conscious has opened up for many legends in the industry from Redman to Scarface.  Here are some photographs of some of the legendary artists that Ill Conscious has had the opportunity to build and network with.

Passing the Torch

There comes a time where the legendary emcees and players in the industry must put the next generation of emcees on to the game.  Whether its a collaboration or being the opener, it is imperative for up and coming artists to be able to have these opportunities.  It is reassurance that hip hop is in good hands for the future.