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Ill Conscious is a hip-hop artist based in Baltimore, Maryland. Lyrically, he embodies social and political commentary while touching on the effects of urban dwelling and liberation. With a fresh innovative approach, Ill’s style is still pleasantly reminiscent of the authentic 90’s hip-hop era. Since 2007, Ill has been performing along the east coast, mid-west and has sparred in several battle competitions with other emcees. He has been featured on numerous rap blogs and has been called a mix between... more

The Essence

The Essence is an album created for true hip hop heads. It epitomizes the foundation of the Golden Era when hip hop was pure and unadulterated. Ill Conscious creates every track on The Essence while observing through the scope of a Baltimore native. The album is the embodiment of social and political commentary within the urban community. Ill has a good contrast of consciousness and raw skill that all sides of the hip hop community can appreciate. The Essence is a necessary album for all listeners and it connects all elements of hip hop that have been absent from many projects of this generation.

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