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Boots #1

Polaroid Transfer over Van Dyke print.


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Baltimore County

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Born in Baltimore, MD, Laurie Flannery has no formal art training, only taking courses when necessary to learn the technical aspects of various art forms.  Flannery is therefore propelled to make her own artistic choices without the burden of reference and stigma of how things have been done/should be done. She was previously a semi-finalist in the Sondheim Prize, and is enjoying making new photographs in the wonderful, gritty corners of Baltimore.

Christian's Bed, 2009

An exploration of both internal and external activity resulting in an emotional postcard.

I am the Youngest

I am the youngest
I am the oldest

I am the closest
I am the farthest

I shine the brightest
I burn the fastest

I hear the sharpest
I listen the least

I am the lightest
I crash the hardest

I have the most gifts
I give away my presents.

Angel Series

fly because you have to

fly because you want to

fly because you crave the air around you

fly because it's too heavy to be stuck to the ground

fly because the wind will whistle around you

fly because you need to reach that place quickly

fly because you need to

fly because you were meant to

fly because you can.


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