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Clarice II.jpg

woodcut, fine art, portrait, printmaking, black female artist
Clarice II, Woodcut, 45" X 28"

Kelli R._Hobbs_LaToya.JPG

woodcut, fine art, portrait, printmaking, black female artist
Kelli R., Woodcut, 45" X 28"

Transition Double Self Portrait.jpg

Woodcut fine art, monotype, mono print, printmaking, portraits, black female artist
Transition: Double Self-Portrait, Woodcut, 45" X 60"

My hair was the least of my worries...JPG

Mixed media, collage, woodcut, fine art, portrait, printmaking, black female artist
" My hair was the least of my worries..." Acrylic, Ink, Collaged Woodcut, Carving and Text on Wood Panel


About LaToya

Baltimore City

LaToya M. Hobbs is a native of North Little Rock, AR. She received her undergraduate degree in Studio Art with an emphasis in Painting from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and her MFA in Printmaking from Purdue University.  LaToya’s work deals with figurative imagery that addresses the ideas of beauty and cultural identity while reexamining the traditional triadic artist, model, viewer, relationship.  Her exhibition record includes several national and international exhibitions... more


Woodcut plays vital role in my practice as a Printmaker. These works represent a collection of large scale woodcuts from my Salt of the Eartj and Beautiful Uprising series, exploring the intersection of race, beauty and identity among women of African descent.

Mixed Media Paintings

These works represent a marriage between my practice as a Printmaker and Painter. These selections from two bodies of work, show my efforts to re-examie the traditional artist, model, viewrer relationship by seeking to establish a greater connetion with the sitter. We are co-labors in this process. I interviw them about their preception of beauty and how they see themselves in the dialoug about the Black Femle Body. In return their thoughts are used in the production of the work and as titles. In this way the models are represented mind and body.

Tulipamwe International Artist Residency, Windhoek, Namibia (Africa)

This selection of work was completed during a two week artists residency in Namibia. Taking place in the Namibian desert, Tulipamwe, which means "we are together" brought together artists from France, Cuba, the United State, Australia, Germany, Botswana, and Congo, and Namibia to engage in creative and cultural exchange. The residency culminated in an exhibiton at the National Art Gallery of Namibia.

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