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MGVM: Million Gun Victims March

One of the main goals of the Million Gun Victim March is to put faces to the statistics behind gun violence. In order to achieve this, there a few initial goals that we have in order to bring a sense of personhood to those lost every day. The first of these goals is to bring the paintings home to the families. In order to do this, we have commissioned a local print lab to scan and print copies of the portraits. The second goal is to have a permanent space for these prints to live in Baltimore and for it to become a memorial for the victims.


About Kimberly

Baltimore City

Born in upstate New York in 1960, I moved to Baltimore with my then fiance and lifelong mentor even after death, my husband George in 1984. I finally started teaching myself oil painting in 1990. I have been working on my present project, the Million Gun Victims March since April of 2013.

Million Gun Victims March

The Million Gun Victims March is an artist driven crusade born out of an overwhelming sense of outrage at the sheer scale of human waste we allow ourselves to live with as part of the unquestioning adoration of our gun culture. No amount of statistics or spoken testimony seems to have penetrated through to too many of us about the truths behind who we lose to guns. I asked myself what would happen if portraits of not just the faces, but the shattered dreams of gun victims were brought together in the same place? Would it take one million portraits to ram home the truth behind the loss? The first 130 portraits have been completed. As I begin the second hundred subjects the Marylanders will be joined by occassional portraits of victims from other cities and states.
Because this is an enormous dream. This show is not like any other. The original portraits are not meant to be for sale. The subjects must stay together until we get the basic federal gun safety package signed as law. Then I intend my originals to go home to the families whose loved ones inspired me. The other half of this crusade is precisely to go out and meet as many families and grieving people as I can. I attend meetings of the Mothers of Murdered Sons and Daughters, Moms for Gun sense, and in December of 2016, the Newtown action alliance in D.C. I shall meet and listen to the families of Newtown. Because every mass produced item featuring any of these portraits will be done with not just the families' knowledge, but also as a practical aid for these families to build a bridge to a more tranquil place. The first small group of families are my true partners starting with the 2017 Million Gun Victims March calendar that comes out this year. It will only be a matter of time before other artists join me.
The Million Gun Victims March is about human lives. The Million Gun Victims March is about healing America.

  • Darlene Johnson holding portrait of DeSean Mckoy.jpg

    Darlene Johnson is seen here posing with the portrait of her son, DeSean Lucas Mckoy for an article in the Belgian weekly news magazine, De Standaard, from September of 2016. Written by Steven de Foer. This is what the Million Gun victims March is all about. This is to honor and bring out the human beings behind the statistics. Once the goal is reached in getting a federal gun safety package passed and signed into law, all the portraits will go home. DeSean's portrait will come back to his mother to stay.
  • Carter Scott 2012-2013.jpg

    Carter Scott (2012-2013) is the 11th portrait in the series. In May of 2013, the 16-month old toddler was riding with Daddy while he drove around getting supplies for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. As the father parked the car, three men ran out with guns blazing. Carter suffered a leg wound with which he bled to death before emergency medical help could arrive. Painted in June of 2013.
  • Keshawna Pinder 1992-2013.jpg

    Kishawna Pinder (1992-2013) the 33rd portrait in the series, would have turned 21 years old in just six more days. What brought her, her best friend Tyreka Martin (1992-2013) and young father Brian Powell (1991-2013) together in that second story rowhouse apartment on March 19, 2013 is unknown. The two men who barged in a riddled all three with bullets are also unknown. Painted in march 2014.
  • Truc Thi Ly Nguyen.jpg

    Truc Thy Li Nguyen is the 40th portrait in the series. She was a recent arrival to these shores from Vietnam, sponsored by her fiance. She worked at T&T Nail Salon to earn enough money for them to buy a house to live in when they got married. In May, 2014, she was servicing a customer when the shooter barged in with a semi-automatic, and shot rerpeatedly at the customer. Two of the bullets landed in her head, killing her instantly. Painted August 2014.
  • Matthew Thomas 2003-2015.jpg

    Matthew Thomas is the 56th portrait in the series. He was a sixth grader who had already won awards in chemistry and astronomy. He may have wanted to emulate Carl Sagan. On New Years 2015 his father took him in his SUV and both went missing until January 4. Their bodies were discovered in a remote parking lot. The father shot Matthew and then turned his shotgun on himself.
  • Yogesh Seth 1966-2015.jpg

    Yogesh Seth is the 65th portrait in the series. He worked in the family mini-mart in the Highlandtown neighborhood. Everyone called him "Joe". On May 1st, 2015 two unknown burglars broke into the store. They fatally shot Yogesh and fled in a white car. The only item taken was his friendly greeting to neighborhood customers who loved him.Painted July of 2015.
  • Julian Roary 2002-2015 and Ian Roary 2005-2015.jpg

    Julian Roary (2002-2015) was tall for a twelve year old, but he was a gentle giant devoted to ten year old Ian Roary (2005-2015). When the man they called Father lost his temporary job at a package delivery plant, he bought a shotgun and proceeded to kill the two boys before turning the gun on himself. They are #80 and #81 in the series. Painted January 2016
  • Isaiah Deloatch 2011-2016.jpg

    Isaiah Deloatch 2011-2016, oil on canvas, 12X12: Isaiah Deloatch was cute and curious minded four-year old boy. He was a good boy. If he could have known that the shiny gun on top of his grandparent's kitchen table was at all dangerous, he might have never picked it up. He never meant to hurt any of the family he loved. But as he held it in his two hands, the gun went off, striking him fatally in the head. Isaiah is the 100th portrait in the Million Gun Victims march. Painted October 2016
  • Haing S. Ngor 1940-1996..jpg

    Haing S. Ngor 1940-1996, oil on canvas, 9X12: He survived one of the most horrific genocides of the 20th century under the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. Upon fleeing to the United States he made his acting debut in the film "The Killing Fields", for which he won an Oscar. He chose to live modestly in order to found the Haing S. Ngor Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping victims of, and try to prevent genocides around the world. He was gunned down by three Asian gang members over some trinkets as he made his way to his car.
  • Travis Hiatt 1966-2015, Kayden Hiatt June-November 2015, and Jayden Hiatt June-November 2015.jpg

    Travis Hiatt 1966-2015, Kayden Hiatt June-November 2015 and Jayden Hiatt June-November 2015, oil on canvas, 11X14: This is a typical carnage when a domestic dispute combines with easy access to a gun in the home. How could the presence of a baby, let alone two babies, pose such a threat to a man, particularly if they were his own babies? What justifies the aiming of semiautomatic handguns against targets like these, his fiancee, and her father, the babies grandfather?

MGVM: The First Ten Paintings

The Million Gun Victims March was launched out of sheer rage at Congress for lack of interest in addressing gun safety after the Newtown school massacre. During the entire night of April 14, 2013 and into most of the following day I painted the first portrait in a 20 hour nonstop session of brushwork madness. Then as I calmed down a little and painted another the idea of bringing all gun victims together began to take root. Here is the first little boy, and the first ten paintings I did from April 14, 2013 into the early summer of 2013.

  • James Smith III 1994-1997.jpg

    James Smith III is the very first Marcher to be portrayed. On January 3rd, 1997, his third birthday, he was taken to the barber shop to get his first big boy haircut with Mommy. While they waited, two men barged into the shop with 9mm semi-automatics blazing. A bullet ricocheted and entered little James' head. He died in hospital two days later. Painted April 14-15, 2013.
  • Ron Waggener 1941-2004.jpg

    Ron Waggener is the only brother I will ever know. He served in Vietnam, enjoyed gardening, but most importantly possessed an encyclopedic knowledge of opera and symphonic music that was staggering in its completeness. On March 26, 2004, he was returning home from a friends when an unknown man drove up to him, got out of the car, had a few words, shot him the head 4 times, and sped away.He died in shock trauma March 31st, 2004, but not before the Mozart opera "Abduction From the Seraglio" had finished. I was there. I brought him cassettes of Mozart operas every night.
  • Monae Turnage 1998=2012.jpg

    Monae Turnage was just 13 years old. She already wanted to be a pediatrician when she graduated college. But in February of 2012, a younger cousin and his friend brought a police issue rifle they had found lying around at an uncle's house. She tried to get the boys to put the firearm down. It went off, shattering her heart and killing her instantly. Painted late April 2013.
  • Sgt. Tyrone Brown 1977-2010.jpg

    Marine Sergeant and young father of two Tyrone Brown had served two tours in Iraq. He had returned home and was enjoying a night out when he got into a disagreement with an off duty policeman who was also drinking in the same bar. The officer encountered the Sergeant in a nearby alley where he shot the veteran 13 times with his service weapon.
  • John Browning 1962-2008, Tamara Browning 1963-2008, Gregory Browning 1994-2008, and Benjamin Browning 1996-2008.jpg

    John Browning (1962-2008) was a successful real estate attorney living in a quiet area in Baltimore County, where he and his stay at home wife, Tamara Browning (1963-2008) were raising three healthy sons. Thirteen year old Gregory Browning (1994-2008) played on his middle school lacrosse team. Eleven year old brother Benjamin Browning (1996-2008) may have looked forward to doing the same in a year or two. The eldest son shot them all with the family 9mm early in February 2008 so he could attend a party his father had forbidden him to go to earlier that day. Painted early may 2013.
  • Reverend Mary Marguerite Kohn 1950-2012.jpg

    Reverend Mary Marguerite Kohn 1950-2012) was the beloved pastor to her Lutheran congregation in Howard County. She and right hand volunteer Brenda Brewington (1953-2012) were setting up their church food pantry when a man barged in, fatally shot both women, then ran to the far side of the church parking lot where he shot himself. Painted mid-May 2013.
  • Brenda Brewington 1953-2012.jpg

    Brenda Brewington (1953-2012) was a devoted Sunday school teacher and valued aide for the Reverend Marguerite Mary Kohn (1950-2012) at their Lutheran church in Howard County. She and the Reverend were just setting up the church food pantry when a man rushed in, fatally shot both women, then ran across the church parking lot where he shot himself. Painted early June 2013.
  • Carter Scott 2012-2013.jpg

    Sixteen month old Carter Scott (2012-2013) enjoyed going bye-bye with Daddy as they drove around picking up supplies for the coming Memorial day weekend. Father received a phone call and parked in an apartment complex parking lot to meet someone. Suddenly three men rushed toward the car, guns blazing. The toddler was struck in the leg. Despite efforts by bystanders, Carter Scott died before emergency crews arrived. Painted mid-June 2013
  • Kendra Diggs 1976-2013.jpg

    MTA bus driver Kendra Diggs (1976-2013) loved to garden. She looked forward to marrying her police officer fiance, by whom she had a young son. But a domestic dispute became so threatening, Kendra called the police. As she stood outside describing to a police officer what was happening, her fiance pointed his rifle out the window and felled her with a single shot to the head, then proceeded to hold emergency crews away until Kendra's death was certain. Painted late June-early July 2013.
  • Vincent Adolfo 1961-1985.jpg

    Second year police officer Vincent Adolpho (1961-1985) chased and cornered a carjacking suspect when the suspect grappled with Vincent and managed to shoot him in the back when he was spun around. Bullet proof vests only covered the chest area at the time. They have been updated since. Painted July 2013.

MGVM: Paintings Eleven Through Twenty

These are the portraits of Maryland gun victims painted through the remainder of 2013 and into the month of January of 2014. This is when I joined the Facebook page Hood to Hood Memorial page, administered by Princess Willn honor of her brother, Dominic Nathaniel King. Through the photos that people upload to this page, the Million Gun Victims March has been able to advance. It is here that black males start to appear frequently.

  • Victoria Glover 1985-2013.jpg

    Victoria Glover 1985-2013, oil on canvas, 9X12: Young mother of three Victoria Glover worked as a nurse at the front desk of a physician's office. Her gentle face and kind greetings put patients at their ease. She kept the fact that she was in the middle of leaving an abusive relationship from her patients. She was in the middle of securing her youngest child in his car seat in order to take him to daycare, when her ex-husband walked up behind her. He aimed his brand new shotgun and shot Victoria in the back of the head. She collapsed on her child and died.
  • Mike Flanagan 1951-2011.jpg

    Mike Flanagan 1951-2011, oil on canvas, 9X12: Mike Flanagan was a Cy Young award winning left handed pitching phenomenon who led the Orioles to their 1983 World series victory. After retirement he became a television commentator, beloved by fans and players alike. No one will ever know the source of the deep depression that gripped him. In September of 2011, he purchased his first shotgun, walked to his favorite fishing hole, and ended his life with it. Painted September 2013
  • Kenneth Harris Sr. 1963-2008.jpg

    Kenneth Harris Sr. 1963-2008, oil on canvas, 9X12: Kenneth Harris Sr. had just finished his first term as a Baltimore City Councilman. All his adult life he was a dedicated community organizer, proud to serve the city he loved. In late September of 2008, he was on his way home from attending a sport event with his son when he stopped at a nightspot for a few minutes. An armed teen burst in intending to rob the place, was surprised by the presence of the Councilman, shot him, then fled the scene. Councilman harris died before he could get to the hospital. Painted October of 2013.
  • Joseph Haskins 1992-2013.jpg

    Joseph Haskins 1992-2013, oil on canvas, 9X12: Twenty-year old Joseph Haskins looked forward to starting his first semester at the Baltimore Culinary Institute. He dreamed of becoming a master chef and opening his own restaurant. He was sleeping overnight on a friend's couch in early March of 2013. A home intruder surprised Joseph, fatally shot him, and fled. So far no arrests have been made. Painted October of 2013.
  • Alex Ulrich 1972-2012.jpg

    Alex Ulrich 1972-2012, oil on canvas, 9X12: Budding art photographer Alex Ulrich loved the excitement and commaderie of his fellow neighborhoods in nthe Mount Vernon neighborhood. With community leader Lawrence Peterson, 1956-2014, Alex had held his first shows. This could have led to venues in New York City. He and Lawrence were having a conversation outside the Belvedere building in July of 2012 when a heroin addict, desparate for a fix, shot both of them with a semi-automatic, robbed them and fled. Alex died at shock trauma that night. Painted October of 2013.
  • Gennie Shird 1992-2013.jpg

    Gennie Shird 1992-2013, oil on canvas, 9X12: Young, beautiful, full of life, Gennie Shird was thrilled to have just graduated from Morgan State University. She had even spent one year abroad studying in Barcelona Spain, in order to broaden her experience. In Mid-May of 2013, she was relaxing and talking with three of her women friends when shots rang out from across the street. It transpired that the gunman was hired by a woman jealous that one of the four women were flirting with her man. Whether Gennie was the intended target is not known.
  • Meghan Kerrigan 1990=2013 and William Monroe 1992-2013.jpg

    Meghan Kerrigan 1990-2013 and William Monroe 1992-2013, oil on canvas, 12X16: First time parents Meghan Kerrigan and William Monroe delighted in the raising of their baby daughter. William worked hard to save up for a beautiful wedding, so they could provide for themselves as a young and growing family. Early in August 2013, at the crack of dawn, their next door rowhouse broke into their home and proceeded to spray the place with his high capacity automatic handgun. Both William and Meghan were killed. William's mother was badly wounded. Another lady friend also needed hospitalization.
  • Deshaun jones 1998-2013.jpg

    Deshaun Jones 1998-2013, oil on canvas, 9X12: Fifteen year old Deshaun Jones was enjoying his last day of summer break. He was about to begin his freshman year at Douglass High School the following morning. He was already a budding hip hop artist. Under the name "Lor D'Shaun", he hoped his music career would be the ticket to ennable his family to move out of their dangerous neighborhood. But as he sat on his friend's stoop, two men in a car sped down the street, shooting at a group of young men playing craps on the corner.
  • Neal Hunt 1980-2013.jpg

    Neal Hunt 1980-2013, oil on canvas, 9X12: To his many friends Neal Hunt was a gregarious, outgoing fun-loving man. I do not know if he had a regular job, or was another aimless young man with no idea of what he could do. But when he tried to rob someone, the intended victim shot him. Police ruled this as an act of self-defense.
  • Aaliyah Boyer 2002-2013.jpg

    Aaliyah Boyer 2002-2013, oil on canvas, 9X12: Ten year old Aaliyah Boyer looked forward to staying up all the way to midnight on New Year's Eve, perhaps for the first time. What better place to welcome 2013 than at her grandparents house in a quiet winter wonderland in Cecil County? But sleep can sneak up on a young child. She suddenly awoke, worried that she had missed midnight. She rushed out of the house to ask her relatives if she missed midnight. A bullet fired from an unknown gun struck her head. Too many people celebrate holidays by firing rifles.

MGVM: Paintings Twenty-One through Thirty

Starting from the final painting of 2013, this set begins the works I painted in the winter and early spring of 2014. Here the Facebook page Hood to Hood Memorial Page began to be instrumental in bringing the photos that matched the names to my attention. I started my friendship with Princess Williams, the Administrator of the page. This crusade has since become a partnership for change.

  • Robert Jackson Jr. 1979-2013 and frank harper Jr. 1977-2013.jpg

    Robert Jackson Jr. 1979-2013 and Frank Harper Jr. 1978-2013, oil on canvas, 18X24: The only thing that Robert Jackson and Frank Harper did not share were parents. These two brothers in spirit met and grew up together since early boyhood. They looked out for each other in the rough area they lived in. In late September 2013, Robert was found dead in an alley. he had been shot multiple times by an unknown shooter. Early the next month frank got into an argument with a private security guard at a Subway on the outskirts of the city. despite offering to surrender, the guard shot him anyway.
  • Tyreka Martin 1992-2013.jpg

    Tyreka Martin 1992-2013, oil on canvas, 9X12: Beautiful and confident, young mother Tyreka Martin loved clothes. She dreamed of designing her own fashion line, which could have helped Baltimore become a new hub for haute couture. She and her sister by different parents, Kishawna Pinder, had big plans for an upcoming celebration. Why Brian Powell was also in the same second story apartment that day is unknown. But at least two armed gunmen killed all three with a hail of shots from high capacity automatics on March 19, 2013. Painted January 2014
  • Tracy Love 1984-2013.jpg

    Tracy Love 1984-2013, oil on canvas, 9X12: Tracy Love had done prison time for murder. But by aiding law enforcement with his testimony about gang related activities, he had won parole. He had a compelling reason to try to build a new life. He wanted to be a strong and supportive presence for his new baby. In November of 2013, Tracy Love was shot six times in an alley and died. Was "snitching" the motive? Until the killer is known, the motive is unknown. Painted Jtanuary 2014
  • Marie Leanne Hartman 1987-2013 and Andrew Hoffman 1986-2013.jpg

    Marie Leanne Hartman 1987-2013 and Andrew Hoffman 1986-2013, oil on canvas, 18X24 Hard working young mother Marie Leanne Hartman had left a tense relationship with a Baltimore City police officer. Andrew Hoffman was a strong and gentle mannered Anne Arundel county firefighter. The two struckup a warm friendship and even began spending occasional time together. In October 2013, the police officer drove his work vehicle to Andrew's home, kicked in the door, shot both Andrew and marie leanne, then turned his service weapon on himself. Painted January-February 2014
  • Gerald Commodore 1991-2013.jpg

    Gerald Commodore 1990-2013, oil on canvas: Gerald Commodore was larger than life in size. Yet he was easy going and liked to help out those close to him any way he could. In March 2013, he was being driven by a friend to his uncle's house to help with minor do it yourself repairs when someone on the sidewalk staerted shooting at the car. Although Gerald was not the intended target, Gerald suffered mortal injuries. Painted February 2014
  • Robert Laney. 1979-2012.jpg

    Robert Laney Jr. 1979-20012, oil on canvas, 9X12; Young father of six Robert Laney Jr. dreamed of starting his own truck delivery business. He worked hard to save up and was in the process of applying for a small business loan. He was shot by an unknown armed robber.
  • Keshawna Pinder 1992-2013.jpg

    Kishawna Pinder 1992-2013, oil on canvas,9X12: She would have celebrated her 21st birthday in just six more days. She and Tyreka Martin(1992-2013) had been close as sisters since childhood. On March 19, 2013, Kishawna, Tyreka, and young father Brian Powell were in the same second story rowhouse apartment when unknown gunmen armed with high capacity rifles barged in and poured multiple shots into all three.
  • Lavar Crawford 1997-2014.jpg

    Lavar Crawford 1997-2014, oil on canvas, 9X12: Seventeen year old lavar crawford was an honor student at his high school. He would have had promising college scholarship potential. He was shot by a neighboring lad in the street after they had gotten into an argument. This is the first portrait of 2014 gun victim to join the march. Painted in March 2014.
  • Frank Turner 1965-2014 and Anthony Turner 1992-2014.jpg

    Frank Turner 1965-2014 and Anthony Turner 1992-2014, oil on canvas, 16X20: Frank Turner was reputed to be a member of the Turner gang that roamed Baltimore during the 1980s. Twenty-one year old Anthony was his oldest son. They were walking together on the sidewalk at mid-afternoon on New Years Day 2014 when the shooter strolled right up to Frank and started shooting. Anthony rushed to help his father so the shooter killed him too. A suspect has been brought in in November 2016. Painted in April 2014.
  • Vatell Murray 1990-2005.jpg

    Vatell Murray 1990-2005, oil on canvas, 9X12: Fifteen year old Vatell Murray was living in a juvenile rehab facility at the close of 2005. The mentors who worked with him saw he had potential and a wish to live an ordinary life. But he vanished just after Christmas. His body was not found by industrial train tracks until the staret of 2006. He had been shot ten times. Who shot him, whether he was killed where he lay, or if there was more than one shooter is unknown to this day. painted April 2014

MGVM: Paintings Thirty-One through Forty

These are the gun victim portaits I painted during the spring and early summer of 2014. The pattern of black males continues to become apparant. the first Asian Marcher was added to the project. The youngest victim in this set was only three years old.

  • McKenzie Elliot 2011-2014.jpg

    McKenzie Elliot 2011-2014, oil on canvas, 9X12: Three year old Mckenzie Elliot was a bubbly, playful, and loving little girl.She was a very good girl, and started her day with her favorite orange juice for breakfast. On the first of August 2014, McKenzie was playing on the front porch when a car sped down the street. A gunman in the passenger seat began shooting at an unknown target. The little girl was struck in the head. Despite efforts to aid her she died before help could arrive. The gunman is still at large.Painted August 2014
  • Christopher Robinson 1976-2013.jpg

    Christopher Robinson 1976-2013, oil on canvas, 9X12: Christopher Robinson was a Baltimore City police officer. Before that he had undergone two tours of duty in Iraq as an army man. When Marie Leanne Hartman (1987-2013) ended their relationship, he could not accept this. In october 2013, Christopher drove his police vehicle to the home of firefighter Andrew Hoffman (1986-2013) in Glen Burnie. He kicked through the front door, expertly killed Andrew and Marie Leanne, then committed suicide with the same revolver on their front stoop. Painted April 2014
  • Brian Powell 1991-2013.jpg

    Brian Powell 1991-2013, oil on canvas, 9X12: At only 21 years of age, Brian Powell already took responsibilities as a young father. He was devoted to his little son, and planned on being a strong and steady presence in his boy's life as he grew. What brought him to a second story rowhome apartment along with Tyreka Martin (1992-2013) and Kishawna Pinder (1992-2013) on March 19, 2013 is unknown. At least two men armed with automatic high capacity rifles broke in and poured bullets, killing all three. The shooters and the motive for this triple murder is unknown. Painted April 2014
  • Truc Thy Li Nguyen 1971-2014.jpg

    Truc Thy Ly Nguyen 1971-2014, oil on canvas, 9X12: Vietnamese-born Truc Thy Ly Nguyen came to the United States under the sponsorship of her fiance. She worked at a city nail salon to help save the money for her to marry her beloved and purchase a house of their own. She was at work giving a customer a pedicure when the gunman, armed with a semi-automatic, barged in and started spraying rounds at her customer. Her head caught at least two of the shots. She collapsed and died instantly. The intended target was gravely wounded but survived. Painted May 2014.
  • Bruce Ben 1995-2011.jpg

    Bruce Ben 1995-2011, oil on canvas, 9X12: Sixteen year old Bruce Ben dreamed of becoming a great spoken word poet. He hoped to apply to the Baltimore School for the Arts once he graduated high school. He already looked the epitome of the true Romantic poet. In September of 2011, his dreams were not just deferred but shattered when an unknown armed robber jumped him late one night and shot him in the back when he tried to flee for his life.Painted June 2014.
  • Gary Lee Helmick 1963-1993.jpg

    Gary Lee Helmick 1963-1993, oil on canvas, 9X12: Young father Gary Lee Helmick loved motorcycles and fast racing. He enjoyed indulging his need for speed. But his two little girls came first. He worked hard at home construction, carpentry and repairs to provide his two angels everything they needed. In September of 1993, just after he had withdrawn money from his paycheck that he intended for his daughters' school clothes, he was waylaid by a group of unknown robbers who shot him for the cash. He died two days later at hospital. The case remains cold to this day. Painted June 2014.
  • Dontae Jackie Coleman 1977-1995.jpg

    Dontae Jackie Coleman 1977-1995, oil on canvas 16X20: I wonder what 18-year old Dontae Jackie Coleman was thinking, if at all, about Baltimore getting a new football team as the new stadium neared completion. He was a typical city lad, shooting hoops and joking around with friends. In September 1995, he was shooting craps with some friends when someone rode up to him on a bike, shot him, then sped away. It is not known if it was a motorbike of any type or a pedal bike. It is not known to this day who killed him. Painted August 2014.
  • Oscar Torres 1999-2014.jpg

    Oscar Torres 1999-2014, oil on canvas, 9X12: Though only 15 years old, Oscar Torres already held a part time job at a shop in Sowebo. He had recently arrived from Mexico to join his parents, and tried to supplement the family income while he adjusted to a new school in a new country. A robber burst into the store, then shot Oscar to get him out of the way in order to carjack an escape vehicle. Painted October 2014
  • Gwendolyn Johnson 1989-2013.jpg

    Gwendolyn Johnson 1989-2013, oil on canvas, 9X12: Gwendolyn Johnson is the first gun victim painted, and to date the only Marcher who was shot by a woman, In the autumn of 2013 she and her partner got into an argument over $70. The partner took out her gun and shot Gwendolyn fatally with it. Painted OCtober 2013
  • Raquan Campbell 1995-2010.jpg

    Raquan Campbell 1995-2010, oil on canvas, 9X12: Fifteen year old Raquan Campbell was already eager to build his rapidly maturing body to tip-top shape. He already played junior varsity football. He was the happily spoiled and loved kid brother of the family. Why any older man would be angry enough at him to start an argument with him in broad daylight, then proceed to shoot him ten times is not known. The shooter has not been identified. Painted September 2014.

MGVM: Paintings Forty-One through Fifty

These are the gun victim portraits painted from the late fall of 2014 and into the first weeks of winter in 2015. Among the subjects are the brother of Princess Williams, the founder of the Hood to Hood memorial page on Facebook, without which at least two-thirds of the subjects of this show would still be a name without a face. One of the few suicides makes an appearance here, as well as a couple double portraits.

  • Lawrence Peterson 1956-2014.jpg

    Lawrence Peterson 1956-2014, oil on canvas, 9X12: He was known as the Mayor of Mount Vernon. Retired navyman Lawrence Peterson was the go to liason for everyone in the neighborhood when it came to organizing events. He was tireless in working to make Mount Vernon a jewel within Charm City. When he and budding photographer Alex Ulrich (1972-2012) were gunned down by an armed robber looking for his next fix, Lawrence fought for life for the next 22 months in order not to be torn from the neighborhood he loved.
  • Dominic Nathaniel King 1984-2005.jpg

    Dominic Nathaniel King 1984-2005, oil on canvas, 16X16: Young father Dominic Nathaniel King is the inspiration for his sisters creating the Facebook Page Hood to Hood Memorial page . This page has provided many of the photographs through which many of these portraits have come into existence. Who shot this young parent just as he reached legal adulthood and why is not known. But he still casts an influence over this crusade today. Painted December 2014.
  • Darien Aguilar 1994-2014.jpg

    Darien Aguilar 1994-2014, oil on canvas, 9X12: In early February 2014, 19-year old Darien Aguilar drove to Columbia Mall with his cache of automatic rifles. He went into a surf and ski store where he killed Tyler Johnson and Brianna Yolo, rushed through the food court outdoors where he committed suicide. Despite his American Dream upbringing, this ideal had no outlet for the secret fears that tormented him until they overwhelmed him. Painted December 2014.
  • Loretta Little 1971-2014 and Leroy Agnew 1954-2014.jpg

    Loretta Little 1971-2014 and Leroy Agnew 1954-2014, oil on canvas, 16X20: Loretta Little and Leroy Agnew had been married only a few years . Each was the second spouse in their lives. Their more tranquil but steady love had ennabled them to have a young son together. In September of 2014 an unknown home intruder shot them both while they slept. Their child was not harmed. I don 't know what was taken or why it justified leaving another orphan of violence. painted December 2014
  • Karl Berrain 1983-2013, and Kurt Berrain 1988-2013.jpg

    Karl Berrain 1983-2013 and Kurt Berrain 1988-2013, oil on canvas, 18X24: Two brothers Karl and Kurt Berrain were walking around Fells Point at the start of the Thanksgiving holiday. The shooter stalked them for a couple blocks, then shot them both in the back of the head. This was to teach them not to talk to "his woman". Painted January 2015.
  • Michael Taylor.jpg

    Michael Taylor 1980-2002, oil on canvas, 9X12: His friends called him "Boffy". An easily befriended man, Michael Taylor believed a good laugh and some gentle talk could defuse any potential dangerous situation from getting out of hand. Why someone shot him in 2002 and who that someone was, there is no knowledge.
  • Matthew Thomas 2003-2015.jpg

    Matthew Thomas 2003-2015, oil on canvas, 9X12: Sixth grader Matthew Thomas possessed the type of thrill mind that never stopped thinking about how the universe worked. His studies in astronomy and chemistry had already garnered him awards and trophies celebrating the excellence of his learning. On New Years Day, his father Warren Thomas (1960-2015) drove him out in a truck and never returned. They were found four days later in a parking lot of an office complex just over the county border. Warren had shot Matthew with a brand new shotgun after which he turned the gun on himself.
  • Courtney Meeks 1989-2014.jpg

    Courtney Meeks 1989-2014, oil on canvas, 11X14; Courtney Meeks is the first Marcher that does not originate from Maryland. He worked as a private security guard at a CVS in Detroit. He dreamed of being accepted into the police academy and become a beacon of protection and goodwill for the city he loved. In february of 2014, two teens attempted to ro0b a woman's car with her child still in the back seat. Courtney leapt in and prevented the theft, but they shot him and fled on foot. They were captured a couple days later. Painted February 2015.
  • Jaleesa Brooks 1990-2014.jpg

    Jaleesa Brooks 1990-2014, oil on canvas, 11X14; Young, beautiful, and confident, Jaleesa Brooks looked forward to her new life adventure as a first time mother. All her excitement and happiness was shattered by the home invader who shot her in exchange for some personal electronics and a handful of jewel accessories. Painted March 2015
  • Malik Fuller 1998-2015.jpg

    Malik Fuller 1998-2015, oil on canvas, 9X12: Malik Fuller would have celebrated his 17th birthday in just 6 more days. But in early February he and a friend walked into a deli to buy snacks. An unknown gunman barged and shot them both. Malik died of his injuries. His companion survived. Painted April 2015.

MGVM: Paintings fifty-One Through Sixty

These are the portraits of gun victims that were painted during the summer through the middle autumn of 2015. More and more the subjects are dominated by black males. i spent three weeks on a young mother and son whose case is unsolved. About this time my friend Princess Williams and I discussed the formation of a non-profit company which these portraits could be a part of building.

  • Tyquane Fetter 1996-2014.jpg

    Tyquane Fetter 1996-2014, oil on canvas, 11X14: Short, yet powerfully built, 18-year old Tyquane Fetter loved footbal. I don't know if he played any on a school team, or whether he would have had a chance to make that as his carreer. Because an unknown gunman shot him in the street on mothers day in 2014. Painted June 2015.
  • Tywaun Short 2000-2015.jpg

    Tywaun Short 2000-2015, oil on canvas, 11X14: Tywaun Short was already tall for a 14-year old. Perhaps he dreamed of playing on his high school's varsity basketball team. He was waiting for his mother to come home on his front porch steps when an unknown man walked up and shot him multiple times. This happened one week before Freddy Gray's death. This is to make sure this lad isn't forgotten. Painted July 2015.
  • Raymond Gordon 1982-2013.jpg

    Raymond Gordon 1982-2013, oil on canvas, 11X14: He was Freddy Gray's older half-brother. This 'brother from another mother' would keep a protective watch over his disabled younger brother Freddy until an unknown gunman killed him late in the autumn of 2013. The pattern of older brothers and young fathers getting shot starts to make me wonder if this isn't on purpose. Painted July 2015
  • Devin Cook 1993-2014.jpg

    Devin Cook 1993-2014, oil on canvas, 9X12: Morgan State university student Devin Cook was a lacrosse enthusiast. He worked at the Baltimore Zoo to supplement his income. But he loved playing lacrosse with friends in his spare time. He was driving friends home from a day of fun. Someone shot at the car as it passed. Whether Devin Cook was the intended target is not known. The shooter's identity is also not known. Painted July 2015.
  • Kevin Keon Smith 1979-1999.jpg

    Kevin Keon Smith 1979-1999, oil on canvas, 9X12: How long have young men been shot by police? Kevin Keon Smith demonstrates with what was the latest in audio technology: the boombox. Painted July 2015.
  • Yogesh Seth 1966-2015.jpg

    Yogesh Seth 1965-2015, oil on canvas 11X14: Yogesh Seth worked at a family minimart in Highlandtown. Everyone called him Joe. On May 1st, 2015, while the national guard watched over the downtown area, two men broke into the door with intent to rob it, surprised Yogesh, shot him, then fled in a car. All they took was Yogesh's cheerful greeting to the customers who were his friends. Painted August 2015.
  • Jennifer Jeffry Browne 1984-2015, and Kester Browne 2007-2015.jpg

    Jennifer Jeffry Browne 1984-2015 and Kester Browne 2007-2015: Seven year old Kester Browne was a bright, energetic boy with a talent for languages. He was fluent enough in Chinese to be picked for a school trip to China. His young devoted mother could not have been more proud. Early in May of 2015 someone broke into the house and shot both mother and child as they slept. Who did this and why? Why is this case unsolved? Painted August 2015.
  • Charles Bowman 1937-2010.jpg

    Charles Bowman 1937-2010, oil on canvas, 9X12: Charles Bowman worked at the front desk of the Afro-American newspaper in Baltimore. For many years his was the smiling face everyone met just inside the door with a friendly greeting and a knowledge of every personnel and office in the building. In the early autumn of 2010 Charles had just gotten paid. He walked toward a Chinese takeaway to pick up some dinner. A teenage boy attacked him and shot him, robbed him and tried to flee. he was caught a few hours later. Painted September 2015.
  • Shantese Evans 1986-2013 and Maurice Barfield 1979=2013.jpg

    Shantese Evans 1986-2013 and Maurice Barfield 1979-2013, oil on canvas, 11X14: It was a cold winter night in the mid-winter of 2013. But Shantese Evans and Maurice Barfield had spent a lovely evening dining out. Maurice was in the middle of taking Shantese home when two men rushed at the car and started firing at the car. Maurice tried to deflect the killers by running away on foot. Once he had been shot the killers returned to the car and shot Shantese anyway. They have been sentenced to 30 years for the double murder. Painted September 2015
  • Dante Juan Jordan 1978-2005.jpg

    Dante Juan Jordan 1978-2005, oil on canvas, 11X14: Dante Juan Jordan was a talented mechanic who hoped to use his skills to support his three beautiful little girls. At night he he played pool and entered contests to supplement his income. In the summer of 2005 he got into an argument with another man about money. The other man ran home, grabbed his gun, and ran back and shot Dante. Painted September 2015.

MGVM: Paintings Sixty-One through Seventy

These portraits of more gun victims represent a continuation of works done during the rest of the fall of 2015 and into the first weeks of the winter of 2015-2016. I started to connect with anti-violence groups like the Mothers of Murdered Sons and Dollars, and the Newtown Action Alliance. I garnered a Channel 11 news appearance on December 8th, 2015, the 35th anniversary of John Lennon's death. The second full show of then 73 portraits went up at Liam Flynns Ale House, which alas has since closed.

  • Marcus Downer 1992-2015.jpg

    Marcus Downer 1992-2015, oil on canvas, 11X14: Marcus Downer was proud of his Jamaican heritage.He was a graduate of Baltimore School for the Arts. At 23 years of age, he had developed into a startlingly han dsome young man, with dreams of launching an acting career, aided by the training and study he received at the college. Just 12 days after his 23rd birthday in July 2015, he was relaxing on a relatives stoop when the gunman rushed up and pumped 14 shots from a semiautomatic. Marcus had no chance. The gunman and the motive is unknown.Painted January 2016.
  • Rayshawn Jones 1988-2015.jpg

    Rayshawn Jones 1998-2015, oil on canvas, 11X14: Who knows where a 17-year old lad like Rayshawn Jones managed to get the fistfuls of cash he liked to take selfies with, either clutched in hand, or spilling out of his pockets? All that cash couldn't provide protection from the hail of bullets fired by the unknown gunman who killed him in September 2015, just blocks from where Freddy Gray met his fate. Might as well burn that useless cash . Painted November 2015
  • Tabitha Holtman 1990-2015.jpg

    Tabitha Holtman 1990-2015, oil on canvas, 11X14: A couple days after the death of Rayshawn, Tabitha Holtman was gunned down by an unknown shooter as she tried to flee for her life. It does not matter that an article maintained that Tabitha dealt drugs to survive on the streets. This project welcomes all who have been killed by gun. This is a quest for the truth about who dies by gun. No one deserves to have their lives ripped away. Painted November 2015.
  • Luciana Torrecella 1968-1995.jpg

    Lucianna Torrecella 1968-1995, oil on canvas, 11X14: There could be a moment during every Mothers Day celebration to stop and honor those mothers who went above and beyond who died protecting her children. In 1995, Lucianna Torrecella was coming out of a playground with her second grader son when shots were fired by an unknown gun. Lucianna turned her son away from danger only to be killed herself. Painted December 2015
  • Julian Roary 2002-2015 and Ian Roary 2005-2015.jpg

    Julian Roary 2002-2015 and Ian Roary 2005-2015, oil on canvas, 16X20: Twelve year old Julian Roary was a big boy who towered over his ten year old brother ian roary. Yet he was known as a gentle giant, somewhat shy, but always tried to make those he liked smile. Ian was an active curious boy who liked to explore the outdoors. But in the summer of 2015, the man they called father lost a temporary job. rather than reach out to anyone for assistance, he took a new shotgun, killed his two sons, then committed suicide. Painted January 2016.
  • James Gaylord 1944-2015.jpg

    James Gaylord 1944-2015, oil on canvas, 11X14: Lifelong Baltimorean James Gaylord probably had seen much of history during his 71 years of life. He was a charming friendly man, always willing to do a favor when someone needed help. In September of 2015, at a shopping center in northwest baltimore, James was helping a stranger find his way to the DMV office when an unknown teenage shooter ran into the shoppers, firing in every direction. Five people were hit. James Gaylord died. Painted November 2015
  • Warren Thomas 1960-2015.jpg

    Warren Thomas 1960-2015, oil on canvas, 9X12: No one will ever understand why Warren Thomas drove his brilliant gifted son Matthew Thomas (2003-2015) around for days before he stopped in an empty parking lot, shot his son dead, and turned the gun on himself. How could any parent hold such jealousy against such an intelligent offspring, with so much potential yet to be tapped? But this happens all the time here in gun adoring America. Painted January 2016.
  • Mariah Barnes 1988-2015.jpg

    Mariah Barnes 1988-2015, oil on canvas, 11X14: Mariah Barnes was a struggling young mother of four little children. Would there ever have been a way for her to be truly free from the struggles? No. In November of 2015, as mariah tried to relax on her front stoop, a man wearing a gray hoodie walked up, shot her four times, and ran away. The identity of the shooter is unknown. Painted February 2016.
  • Robert Joseph 1985-2004.jpg

    Robert Joseph 1985-2004, oil on canvas, 9X12: Nineteen year old Robert Joseph may have looked forward to all the new freedoms as he entered the age of manhood. Who shot him in the fall of 2004 and why? This murder is unsolved. This is one of the first requests for a portrait by a family member. Painted February 2016
  • David Julian Walker 1982-2004.jpg

    David Julian Walker 1982-2004, oil on canvas, 9X12: David Julian Walker was born on the 4th of July. When he turned 21 in 2003, This birthday must have been spectacular. Imagine the whole country sending up fireworks every year for your birthday! He may have wanted to do this again in years to come. An unknown shooter killed him in March 2004, before his 22nd birthday could arrive. Painted March 2016

MGVM: Paintings Seventy-One through Eighty

These are the portraits of gun victims painted from the spring of 2016 and into the summer of 2016. A new nonprofit company was formed, H2H Charities Inc. of which this project, and the 2017 calendar we have made our first print run on, is a part of. This is our maiden effort to affect change in Baltimore for the families left devastated by violence.

  • Matthew Wood Jr. 1973-2016 and Kimani Johnson 1997-2016.jpg

    Matthew Wood Jr. 1973-2016 and Kimani Johnson 1997-2016, oil on canvas, 18X24: Matthew Wood Jr. and Kimani Johnson were father and son. It is alleged that both were members of the notorious Black Guerilla Family gang. According to police the two had parked their car and were loading themselves with weapons to carry out a hit on a group across the street. Police on the scene opened fire with 56 shots felling the pair before they could fire a shot. Kimani Johnson would have turned 19 years old if he had lived two more days. Painted March 2016.
  • Who Am I? ?-1987.jpg

    Who Am I? ?-1987, oil on canvas, 9X12: He is the first unknown gun victim. This Asian man of between 20-30 years of age was discovered by the side of a state road in Harford County in January of 1987. His bullet riddled body was wrapped in plastic. Who he was, who the killer was, and how his body ended up wrapped in trash bags on the side of the road is unknown. Painted April 2016
  • Reginald McFadden 1988-February 2005, Randolph McFadden 1986-March 2005, and Linton McFadden 1984-2005.jpg

    Reginald McFadden 1987-2005, Randolph McFadden 1986-2005, and Linton McFadden 1984-2005, oil on canvas, 18X24: Imagine yourself at the start of the year 2005 with three fine strong sons. When 17-year old Reginald was murdered in February it hit the family like a thunderclap. Reginald was strong for his age, but loved computers, and might have designed video games. His case is unsolved. Then in March, middle brother Randolph was also shot. Again his case is unsolved.
  • Desean Lucas McKoy 1991-2016.jpg

    DeSean Lucas McKoy 1991-2016, oil on canvas, 12X12: DeSean Lucas McKoy had the gift of staying slender, no matter what candy he ate. His charm was infectious. How could he have an enemy ? But someone shot him in April 2016. The case is currently ongoing. Painted August 2016.
  • Najee Thomas 1999-2014.jpg

    Najee Thomas 1999-2014, oil on canvas, 9X12: Although he was only 14 years old, Najee Thomas was already taking intern classes at local law offices. He was a typical all-American boy, but studied law in hopes of becoming a judge someday. Maybe he could have become the first black chief Justice of the Supreme Court. But someone broke into his home while he was there alone and shot him. Who shot him, and what was taken out of the home, is unknown. najee thomas was an only child. Painted September 2016.
  • Christine Lucas 1970-2016.jpg

    Christine Lucas 1970-2016, oil on canvas 9X12: Christine Lucas battled with depression as she tried to keep her life together after losing her job. The Cecil County woman had been living without power for some months. In january of 2016 she called police to report someone trying to break in. When the officers arrived at the dark house they found her sitting in a dark corner, holding something in her lap. She said she didn't believe they were police and rose upright aiming what looked like a gun. The officers opened fire.
  • Isaiah Deloatch 2011-2016.jpg

    Isaiah Deloatch 2011-2016, oil on canvas 12X12: Four year old Isaiah Deloatch was visiting his grandparents house when he saw the shiny gun lying on the kitchen table. He picked it up and promptly shot himself fatally in the head. Painted October 2016
  • Haing S. Ngor 1940-1996..jpg

    Haing S. Ngor 1940-1996, oil on canvas, 9X12: He survived the genocide of Pol Pot during the 1970s in Cambodia. Upon fleeing to the United States, he debuted as an actor in the 1985 film, "The Killing Fields", for which he won an Oscar. A man who lived modestly, he dedicated himself to exposing and preventing genocides the world over. But in 1996, three Asian gang members shot him as he approached his car and robbed him of sundry gold accessories. They were later caught and imprisoned.
  • Lola Desean Bowman 1994-2012.jpg

    Lola Desean Bowman 1994-2012, oil on canvas, 9X12: Lola Desean Bowman, just 18 years old, experimented with combining the best of both genders in their individual personality. Native American traditions would have called them "Two Spirits". In September 2012, Lola Desean was filling up their car with gas when their girlfriend was pestered by a strange man who wouldn't leave her alone. Lola Desean tried to guide her back to the car. The man shot them and ran away. I do not know if he was ever caught. Painted December 2016
  • Travis Hiatt 1966-2015, Kayden Hiatt June-November 2015, and Jayden Hiatt June-November 2015.jpg

    Travis Hiatt 1966-2015, Kayden Hiatt June-November 2015, and Jayden Hiatt June-November 2015, oil on canvas, 11X14: Proud grandfather Travis Hiatt adored his two new baby granddaughters that his daughter and her veteran fiance brought into the world. Perhaps he hoped the magic of parenthood would bring tranquility to their Jacksonville Florida home. But the twins sperm donor ruthlessly gunned down father, daughter, and granddaughters in a jealous rage before turning the gun on himself.

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