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My goal in life is to use my God-given gifts and talents in the arts to minister and teach people about God. I use my artwork to minister the gospel to all who will observe, listen, and inquire. I also aim to use my skills to teach the youth not only about God, but how they too can use art to mend the community and the world back together.

The Urban Jew Project

The Urban Jew Project was a collection of works I created for my solo show in 2016. Works were created as a means to share and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, coming from different storeis and scriptures from the bible.

  • I Look to the Hills....JPG

    This is just a celebration of the continued assurance of God’s word that He’ll never leave nor forsake us. This psalmist sings of always knowing where and who his help come s from. Looking up to the heavens, it’s an assured recognition of God’s ever present help and love.
  • Efficient Faith.JPG

    As I get older & grow closer to God, I’m learning 2 things: Faith wavers due to life’s complexities & even in life’s failures, faith can be both obtained and further developed. Here we take a glimpse into apostle Peter’s ‘faith’ test. It was Peter’s seemingly efficient faith that moved him to step out of the boat, but it was the violent waves that distracted him, causing him to sink. Although it caused his faith to waver, Jesus was still there to save him, restoring the faith he’d lost in sinking. The distracting waves and howling winds in life may cause our faith to waver.
  • Harsh Truth.JPG

    Isaiah 53 is one of the most prominent biblical passages that speaks on the crucifixion of Christ. The passage focuses in on the cruelties and harshness of what the Son of God endured, took on and completed for the salvation of man. I wanted this piece to embody the dark, grim, grotesque reality of the passage. We’ve romanticized the crucifixion, rarely thinking about the ultimate sacrifice that was made for us to be here today. No, it’s not pretty, but often that’s what truth is, dark & ugly.
  • The OutPour.JPG

    The scripture speaks on what followed after Jesus was pierced in His side. Bible said, since He was already dead, that blood and water flowed out of Him immediately. Possibly the only literal depiction of “being washed in the blood of the lamb”, I guarantee the soldier who did the piercing was never the same again.
  • Blessed Trinity.JPG

    Many people refute the existence of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son & Holy Spirit) because the word itself is omitted from the bible. Although true, the presence of the Triune God is throughout the bible, particularly following the baptism of Jesus Christ. Once he is brought up out the water, a dove descends from heaven, rests upon him as the voice of God speaks, proclaiming Jesus as His son. I wanted this piece to celebrate both existence and work of the God-head.
  • Ascension.JPG

    16’’ x 24’’ Watercolor & Ink Pen
  • IMG_1211.JPG

    Can you imagine having a price on your head at the age of 2? Well Jesus did. Echoing the nightly escapes of my ancestors from slavery, here we have the Holy family fleeing from the enemy’s imminent traps. After being warned by an angel, Joseph gathers his family, leading them by candlelight, into safer territory.
  • Isaiah 6_1.JPG

    It’s hard trying to explain what happens when you encounter the Holy Spirit. You try to put it into words & people either don’t understand or don’t believe you at all. I tried to explain Isaiah’s encounter as best I could through art. Too epic to be explained, but definitely to epic to be left out.
  • IMG_1271.JPG

    The story of Job is an astonishing one to say the least. Here we have a holy, righteous man of God who lived for God, yet endured countless hardships. Here I focused on Job’s monologue in the third chapter. It is here that we witness Job’s agony and the questioning of the unfortunate events in his life. Yet even in his pain, he did not curse God nor give up. Job teaches us the importance and lesson of righteous suffering. That although we go through life’s pain, God hasn’t forgotten about us & will bless us before, during & after we go through it.
  • Upon this Rock....jpg

    When we think of the church, we immediately refer to the building. But the church is so much more than the building, it’s the body of Christ’s believers. Here we have Christ declaring that the foundation of His people will begin with Peter’s faith in declaring Him the Son of God. Although a weak, fleshly vessel, Jesus did not rely on the physical attributes of Peter, but his spiritual strength and faith in Him.

Queen Piece Fund

Queens are what I so lovingly call my paintings of African-American females, often with natural hair. They dont really represent anything, but as an African-American woman, they mean a great deal to me. Whether hairstyles personally deemed as hair-goal worthy, or model-like poes screaming confidence, these pieces, these women are royalty and should be treated as such.

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