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Kel Millionie, a native of Baltimore, is a Director and Theatre Artist creating new, exciting, and visually engaging work on stage in the Baltimore and Mid-Atlantic region. Kel was the founder and Artistic Director of Daydreams + Nightmares Aerial Theatre (DNA Theatre) which presented innovatively staged original aerial theatre to Baltimore audiences from 2004-2016. Kel’s history as a theatre artist is rooted in organically devised performances which use an amalgamation of aerial movement, technology,... more

"The Sorrow Message"

The Sorrow Message is an aerial theatre work designed, directed, and produced by Kel Millionie. The treatment was co-developed with Kel Millionie and Annelise Montone, and the final script was written by Annelise Montone. After witnessing his parents fighting, a young boy runs to the ocean for solace. There he discovers a message in a bottle which changes his life forever. Gathering his courage he sets out onto the ocean where he meets the Grimm who carry life from this world onto the next. Hovering in limbo between planes of good and evil, the intimate dark-fairytale explores relationships, family dynamics, courage, death, and personal escape through aerial acrobatics, movement, music, technology, and soundscapes. Audiences will watch as a shaggy wolf performs a staggeringly athletic act on aerial hand-straps. He then becomes the boy’s guide through this world of fantastical creatures.

"Spectacle Obscura" 2013

DNA Theatre reworked and remounted its original production of "Spectacle Obscura" for a new venue. The new production's text was rewritten by Annelise Montone and hosted by The Masterful Magician (Brian M. Kehoe).

Spectacle Obscura is a peculiar circus extravaganza by DNA Theatre. The show brings an evening full of mystery, mayhem, and magic to your eyes. Experience the bizarre lifestyle of the traveling circus as it unfolds act-by-act in an intimate cabaret style performance lead by The Masterful Magician. Watch as aerial artists soar above the crowd, contortionists flex and bend to the beat, and circus spectacles delight the senses and spook the soul.

"Spectacle Obscura" 2011

A dark neo-cabaret influenced movement theatre work, “Spectacle Obscura,” exposes the dynamic relationships of traveling circus performers from the 1940s era. Hosted by a larger-than-life and often inappropriate ringleader, the troupe succumbs to the ups-and-downs of life in the limelight and on the road. Incorporating circus feats with lavish costumes, makeup, lighting and scenography, this performance, designed and directed by Kel Millionie, strikes the senses in a visceral manor.

This original theatre work is a collaboration with local musicians "Boister," who developed an original soundtrack for the show. "Boister," was featured on-stage as the traveling circus company's live band. The text for the script was written and performed by Ryan Dunne who played the character of The Ringleader.

Aerial Arts Arena

Conceived, designed and directed by DNA Theatre's Artistic and General Director Kel Millionie, The Aerial Arts Arena was a venue at Artscape 2014 that hosted aerial artists, dancers, and circus acts from around the region high above Charles Street. DNA Theatre presented 9 shows over the entire weekend of performances.

The outdoor arena was designed, programmed, and produced by Kel Millionie of DNA Theatre. With a goal to expose the general public to a vast array of aerial and circus performance, Kel Millionie selected a broad range of regional performers and companies to fill the schedule.

"12: A Performance Piece For Twelve Actors"

Early in 2011, DNA Theatre premiered “12: A Performance Piece for Twelve Actors,” an emotionally and physically intense aerial theatre work loosely based on Ayn Rand's novella “Anthem.” The production was conceived, designed and directed by Kel Millionie. This piece was the culmination of over 2 years of development and intensive rehearsals. Millionie's adaptation of Rand’s story explores the relationship between people living in a dystopian society at the end of the collapse of civilization. Deep within a wet, dreary, and desolate stage picture, aerialists climb, pull, reach, drop, lift, and express humanity’s essential movements towards basic survival and emotional struggle. The adapted story expresses the profoundness of the human soul when stripped of identity and forced into conformity.

Looking deeper into the director/production relationship, this theatre piece closely parallels Millionie’s life during the recovery process from his hospitalization after shattering his skull in February of 2010.

  • Brethren II

    As Brethren comes to a close, we see the 2 kin acknowledge each other and move forward with their day's toil.
  • The Narrator

    Creating organic and geometric shapes with the human form, the narrator performs a lament on aerial straps. Below, pages from books are pulled and dropped 1-by-1, symbolizing the passage of time and story.
  • The Storm

    When water is scarce, the last 12 people on earth come together to collect the rare rains that fall from the ether.
  • Brethren

    Two performers on aerial cloth show their kinship to each other through movement and shared-tasks.
  • The Pursuit

    In search of food and water, two survivors chase each other along the wall of the theatre space, never truly able to connect due to their ropes' constraints.
  • Vestige

    The last 12 surviving people on earth, caught in a rainstorm, struggle to free themselves from the knot of confusion created by the winds. Rope-and-harness creates a mass-structure of performers where shapes made by elbows, arms, and legs are blurred and obscured.
  • The Cloth

    Separated by a partition, 2 people seek a new relationship through shadow work and rope-and-harness.
  • Separation

    The world's infrastructure has collapsed and the last remaining 12 people line up for food and water rations.


PULSE is a conceptual aerial theatre work designed and directed by Kel Millionie. PULE tells the abstract story of eight anonymous strangers who meet on a city street and through physical theatre, aerial movement, soundscape, video projections, and shadow play, the characters consider what it means to survive in today’s world. Performers, each representing an iconic element of today’s archetypes (nurse, construction worker, student, punk-rock artist, etc.), interweave relationships both new and old, exploring with abstracted motion and invented aerial apparatus the relationships that develop between strangers in an instant and over years of community. The work explores stereotypes, perceived cultural and socioeconomic juxtapositions, explosive energies, love, and conflict. Trapeze, handstraps, ladders, cloth, and invented aerial apparatus come together in an outburst of emotion and physicality.

  • Acro-Yoga

    A Yoga teacher shows how her daily practice can be executed as art. She pushes the limits of everyday-yoga into contortion and grace.
  • The Student

    A solo performer stands alone on stage before taking to the air on handstraps.
  • The Nurse

    The nurse finds liberation in the mundanity of the day-to-day world by converting her hammock into a tool for aerial play.
  • Dual Ladders

    Working together, the strangers begin to comprehend the power of numbers. Compounded balanced ladders bring form and strength along with a sense of teamwork.
  • Business As Normal

    In a scene fraught with social roles, a businesswoman is repeatedly thrown against a large white drop. She remains strong and confident in the face of repeated abuse.
  • Punk Rocker

    Upon initial presentation, the punk-rocker seems hard, and cold. His graceful and delicate performance on aerial cloth proves he's more than simple appearances.
  • Liberation

    Freeing themselves from the constraints of shadows, the strangers break through their barrier and reveal the performance space to the audience.
  • I Feel You

    Using rope and harness, we begin to see the connection between 2 strangers. Behind the veil of shadow, the performers begin rudimentary flight.
  • Shadow-Projection Prologue

    All 8 strangers express their characters in abstracted silhouette.

"Look Up"

A compassionate adventure, “Look Up,” tells the universal story of true love and acceptance in a time of vast communal change. Conceived, designed, and directed by Kel Millionie, “Look Up,“ is an aerial theater work with no speaking parts, driven by a soundtrack of music combined with an ethereal soundscape. The production is part dance, part theater, part circus, and part otherworldly experience. With some traditional and some non-traditional circus apparatus, aerialists soar overhead in this 75 minute performance piece about what might have happened after Icarus plunged into the ocean to his alleged death.

  • Intro To The Ocean II

    The cast of "Look Up" creates ocean-like movement with their bodies.
  • The Cast

    The entire cast of "Look Up" at curtain call.
  • Intro To The Ocean

    The sea dwellers create the shapes and movement of the ocean with their bodies.
  • Duo on Cloth

    Two sea dwellers, Salicia and Llyr express their friendship on partner aerial cloth.
  • Sisters

    Two sea dwellers, Undine & Salicia, experiment on duo-straps.

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