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Not seeing double

Pink and blue acrylic painting
Part of the "Self-portrait Series" this images is a double portrait. Painted in 2015. 28 x 22 inches

Because why not?

Pink text painting
Acrylic on canvas 40x 30 inches

What are you seeing?

Multiple self-portrait painting
Multiple self-portrait painting Acrylic on canvas 2015 30 x 24 inches

Second Skin

Pink painting
Second Skin Acrylic on canvas 2016


About Katty

Anne Arundel County

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Born in Bogota, Colombia, and based in Washington DC. Katty Huertas received her BA in Arts with a Minor in Art History from Florida International University. Katty's work explores the female identity, double standards and animal rights, among other subjects. Katty works in a variety of mediums that include painting, sculpture, fiber work and digital drawing and animation.

Self-portrait Series

This series was completed between 2015-2016 and consists of traditional and non-traditional self-portraits that deal with identity, obsession and pressure.

Second Skin

We’ve all heard the phrase “never judge a book by its cover” and while I agree with its intention, it’s almost impossible for us to separate the impression visual elements have on us from the meaning we assign to it in our heads.
These series want to explore how much a viewer can deduct from a subject by not being able to see their face, expression, hairstyle, gender, etc. but by only seeing its environment and fashion decisions.

Do Not

Inspired by traffic signals, these six 12” round canvas panels intend to illustrate phrases that women encounter almost daily. Quotes like “don’t go outside alone when it’s dark” or “you shouldn’t wear that” tend to be disguised as helpful suggestions, but at the same time are also often used to blame victims. By putting words into images, I want to give them a new dimension, one that often gets forgotten due to the normalization of these ideas. By illustrating these quotes, I wanted to highlight how ridiculous some of them truly are.

Trophy Heads

Like painting, sculpture also has a very tactile element and takes it to the next level.
The trophy heads on the left, made with ceramics, are part of a project that deals with ownership. They also intend to play with the idea of an alternate world in which humans are not the leading animal.
The following section documents some of my three-dimensional projects created from 2015 to 2016.

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