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Sumi Landscape

Oil on Canvas 48" x 32"

Terry Winters Good Government

Glass beads, thread, colored pencil and ink 2014 2 x 2.5


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Kathryn Sowinski is an artist and art educator residing in Baltimore City and teaching elementary art in the county. She received her BFA in 2004 and MAT in 2005 from MICA. In 2008 she traveled to Italy in MICA's Sorrento Summer program. She has exhibited her work with Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, the Washington Project for the Arts, Jordan Faye Contemporary, Metro Gallery, and the Maryland Art Education Association.


I began these abstract watercolors in spring of 2017. While my daughters napped in the front bedroom (previously my studio, now their nursery), I sat at a small desk beneath the window in the master bathroom, the only place left for me to work. As an art teacher, I saved the scrap papers my students used beneath their art to protect their desks. The scrap papers, used by multiple students for multiple years, are gorgeous: they have layers of watercolor, permanent marker, pencil, oil pastel, and tempera paint. There are washes of colors, lines, letters, and doodles. I use the casing from an old 35mm slide as a viewfinder to select a composition that is aesthetically pleasing. I use gouache to recreate the composition on watercolor paper.

Oil Paintings

I've gone back to my early love for the qualities of oil paint on canvas. These medium and large canvases explore mark making and composition.

Art History Flashcards

I made mixed media collages in response to artworks from Gardner's Art Through the Ages.

2012 Calendar

The objectives for the 2012 Calendar series were to make art every day. The idea of art as a marker of time references artworks from On Kawara’s date paintings to Sally Davies’ daily photographs of a Happy Meal. The artworks are sequential and reference one another. My artworks are responses to the printed images on the calendar pages along with my personal experiences while traveling, art historical references, and playful explorations of materials. Initially I intended to work on one page every day. I ended up skipping working on some days and catching up by working on multiple pages on other days. The result is a calendar year’s worth of images.

Architectural Fantasies

The art of urban societies frequently show our human desire for a connection with the natural world, manifest in ancient Roman frescoes to Chinese panel paintings. I am interested in quiet, secret places in the natural world. A path through the woods. Moss hiding in the shadow of the tree. Sparkling stones in the dirt. Bright red berries beneath the leaves of a raspberry bush. I am also interested in human constructions of nature. Balconies teaming with potted plants. Gated courtyards with elaborate gardens. Wrought iron railings, crumbling walls, and tangled electrical lines mimicking stones and vines. I begin my work by painting observed details and use collage and embellishment to create architectural fantasies.


The Collages are a combination of drawing, painting, and mixed media collage. The artworks grow and change organically as I respond to formal qualities and personal connections. I want the viewer to get closer and explore the interplay of images, media, and mark-making. The narratives that emerge are quirky, often with references to art history, popular culture, and playful explorations of materials.

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