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Work Samples


Watercolor on cold pressed paper 30"x 15"


Watercolor on cold pressed paper 22"x22"

Under the Water

Watercolor on cold pressed paper 22"x30"

Komodo dragon

Watercolor on cold pressed paper 22"x 30"


About Kathleen

Harford County

I am a watercolor artist who recently moved to Havre de Grace after spending most of my life in Florida.  I love the fluid and translucent properties of watercolor and always look forward to putting down that first wash on fresh paper.  While in Florida I became enamored and maybe a bit obsessed with painting alligators. Every time I would see one, I would notice the beautiful ways that the sun would light up their scales and I must have taken hundreds of photos of them.  After going... more


My favorite subject matter. Some people may not see the beauty in these creatures, so I attempt to portray them as I see them. 


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