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XXX Stacy

XXX Stacy
XXX Stacy, 2016, 9’x9’ plastic bubble and video, performance documentation


Bobbie, 2015, size variable, multi-media performance promotion

Loving the Alien

Loving The Alien, 2015, size variable, performance documentation


Sprung, 2015, production shot, video art


About Katie

Baltimore City - Station North A&E District

Katie Macyshyn is from Toms River, NJ. In 2013, she received her BFA, with a focus in performance art, from the Corcoran College of Art + Design. Macyshyn has been included in various exhibitions including the (e)merge Art Fair at the Capitol Skyline Hotel, Soapbox series at Hillyer Arts Space, and NEXT at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. Macyshyn currently lives and works in Baltimore, MD. 

XXX Stacy

In the performance, XXX Stacy (pronounced triple ex Stacy), multimedia techniques are used to tell the story of a celestial being and her birth to Earth. The installation includes an inflatable dome with a projection inside, and a video projection playing on a wall or screen simultaneously. The performance ends with a satirical burlesque routine to Boyfriend’s song “Like My Hand Did”.

The lack of knowledge and value placed on mystical unitive experiences result in the systematic suppression of psychedelic drug exploration and female sexuality. Stacy is a sex teacher advocating chronic youforia. Her mission is to spread truth in order to fight the dominator culture of Western civilization, an enemy she sees fast spreading to the furthest reaches of the globe. Through love, music, dance, and satire, Stacy exercises divine intervention to tap into ancient wisdom and retrieve lost parts of the soul.

Toothless and Ruthless

Sugar is the gateway drug. In addition to being a highly addictive substance with no nutritional value, sugar represents decadence fueled by oppression and is still created through unsustainable processes which have a heavy load of socio-political and environmental implications. Similar products ,which not only have an impact on the land but our psyche, include liquor, coffee, tea, and chocolate. In the performance, Toothless and Ruthless, the addictive products mentioned above are compared to dangerous drugs synthesized in a lab.


In this interactive performance, viewers learn the true history of civilization as we know it. This history hinges on the mercy of an extraterrestrial overlords. Participants are taught an exercise in harmonic overtones, the sound of which powers the performer, in the form of Nut the goddess, on her mission to reunite with her love, Geb.

Loving The Alien

A performance art piece about best intentions and interplanetary infatuation. Some time in the future, in a galaxy not so far from here.....

There was a young being who had taken a liking to the Earth creatures. With a little bit of finagling she could program her disco stick to pick up transmissions from Earth television. She liked to watch TV on her LSD screen inside of her sleep pod. Of course, with space time and what all, the transmissions were from about 50 years prior to the time on Earth presently. The space being so adored the colors and music of Earth, but between the exciting sounds and images, she could hear the planet crying out for help. Earth was filled with pain. Her species of altruists were concerned with bigger intergalactic issues than the lower beings on planet Earth, but the she saw potential in them. If only the Earth beings could experience true beauty, they could reach a higher state of consciousness and have peace. She put on a flesh suit to mimic the features of what appeared to be the most desirable women by Earth standards, then sped off through a complex web of worm holes. She found herself in the capital of the free world, Washington, D.C......


Sprung is a playful video experiment in collaboration with Armando López Bircann. In this work, the coquettishness of spring is juxtaposed with the dangers of a world full of dark, masculine magic.


Bobbie is a fictional blues singer and chameleon. She is whoever I need her be whenever I need her, her career spanning the greater half of the 20th century, bringing me perspective through her performances, passing from one person to the next in the form of a radiant green ball of love-light, and headlining the lounge acts of my dreams.

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