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I can climb the thick branches of the holly and amongst the sharp leaves pick cicada shells from the bark, watch a catbird jump and bob its tail feathers--clicking, whining--turning its small eye to mine. Birds have filled their bones with air in order to fly. We have filled ours with ritual to keep us grounded.-- from Black Krim

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There are great kelp bladders, air mouthed into their growth,
fed into them. The process of lifting near rootless: sea
constant against each hollow knuckle: falling, unfalling.
I have no built-in buoy. I collapse into the undrinkable.
But mostly, I remember the river. My head rooted under that water,
pulling against anything that wanted to lift. The plants thin green
and mucus-rich in my teeth.
Arms, off. Legs, off. No, that’s not true. Just the horn and some skull.
My breath collapses under sedation. A matter
of giving away, of no longer resisting. Heaviness from needled sleep.
I would like to continue.- from Land Beast

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Girl, Cow, Monk

The night before I left, I said a prayer to the sea. "Let me know something of the next months," I said. "Let me
know something of the coming year." I prepared my bed, made a circle of flour around me. The sea did not
tell me anything. I did not dream.--from Girl, Cow, Monk

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Egress two fictions

Mom lined up us on the linoleum floor of the kitchen. She sloshed water over and around and under our
bodies. Plain washcloths were on our foreheads. I remember us there, all nine. Naked, sweating, talking in
tongues. Rooted to the floor by visions. I remember when the sound cut out. --from A Silence

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About Kate

Baltimore County

Kate Wyer's picture
 Kate Wyer attended Goucher College, where she received the Elizabeth Woodworth Reese Prize. She earned her MFA from University of Baltimore. Wyer won the Women Writing About Women contest sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation and was awarded a fellowship to attend the Summer Literary Seminars in Lithuania. Her work can be found in The Collagist, PANK, Keyhole, Wigleaf, Exquisite Corpse, and elsewhere. Her novel, Black Krim, was a finalist for the Debut-litzer from Late Night Library... more

Land Beast

“Kate Wyer’s Land Beast is a stunning and important work of fiction, and its rhinoceros narrator is an unforgettable character, a lasting encounter with a life torn from the heart of the wild world. It joins recent books by Tania James, J.M. Ledgard, and Colin McAdam in exactingly rendering the consciousness of an animal, attempting to erase the Otherness we’ve made, to remind us of what we might have forgotten: how every living thing is another form of Us, who we mistreat at our peril. This is a beautiful and heartrending book, by one of my favorite new writers.” —Matt Bell, author of Scrapper

100 % of the profits from this book go to anti-poaching organizations. 

Click here to read the origin story.

Black Krim

"Heirloom tomatoes lack the hardiness of grocery store hybrid varieties. They are grown in an archaic, inbred fashion; and yet, for all their isolation, they surprise one with their dramatic shapes, colors, and intense flavors-kind of like the characters in Kate Wyer's novel, BLACK KRIM. As the roots of their stubborn, closed systems slowly entangle, their surprising desires and tenderness bloom fiercely from these small, hard seeds." - Jen Michalski, author of THE TIDE KING

"Kate Wyer's Black BLACK KRIM is an elegant study of alienation and reconnection-with a warm human heart beneath the Zen-like detachment of its style." - Madison Smartt Bell, author of ZIG-ZAG WANDERER

BLACK KRIM was a finalist for the Debut-litzer from Late Night Library. 

Very early in the story, it becomes clear Martin has planned his arrival in the field. He is not homeless or suffering from dementia, as Corbina assumes.  He wants to start a life without a known history. He sensed Corbina’s vulnerability when he saw her at the farmer’s market selling heirloom tomatoes (Black Krims) and then began to imagine his path to her. Corbina allows Martin to stay at her house. She does not tell her mother about Martin. The choice to allow him to live with her is informed by Corbina’s isolation and lack of a father figure, as well as her poor relationship with her mother.  Her mother never spoke about Corbina’s father. Everything the mother says is suspect anyway; all the details are rewritten based on the audience. BLACK KRIM is a meditation on how unaware we can be of our own motivations and desires, and what happens when those needs are brought to light.

Girl, Cow, Monk

This collection contains two loosely connected novellas. The first novella is Girl, Cow. It tells the story of a girl on the run with a cow in tow. The second is Monk.  He is the only remaining monk at a silent monastery.   The stories were inspired by The Epic of Gilgamesh. 

The manuscript was a finalist of the Omnidawn Fabulist Fiction contest. It was also a semi-finalist for the Grazing Grain chapbook contest. 

Excerpts were published in West Branch

It will be published in 2020 by Meekling Press. 


-Girl, Cow is a semi-finalist for 2017 Grazing Grain chapbook contest
-Girl, Cow is a finalist for the Omnidawn 2014 Fabulist Fiction Chapbook contest
-Black Krim is a finalist for the Debut-litzer from Late Night Library July 2015
-Fence fellowship to attend the Summer Literary Seminars in either Lithuania or Kenya, 2014
-Pushcart nomination for the story "Martin," first published by Unsaid  
-Joan Scott Memorial Fiction Award presented by Unsaid
-Pushcart nomination for the story, “Scouts,” first published in Unsaid 5. 2011
-Fence fellowship to attend the Summer Literary Seminars in Lithuania, 2011
-Best of the Web nomination for, “Long Sounds,” published in LitNImage 2010
-Wigleaf’s “Long Short List” of Best Fiction for, “Single Bourbon and She’s Buying” first published in DOGZPLOT 2009
-Elizabeth Woodworth Reese grant from Goucher College, awarded upon graduation for, “outstanding creative writing portfolio.” 2002
-Winner of “Women Writing about Women,” contest hosted by Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation. 2002

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    Finalist for Fabulist Fiction chapbook contest
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    I won the Women Writing about Women contest.
  • goucher.png

    Elizabeth Woodworth Reese grant, awarded by Madison Bell, for outstanding creative portfolio
  • pushcart.png

    Nominated two times
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    Won two fellowships to attend the program


Abjective “Destable” ·
Autre, “The Pollinator”
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· Folio, American University, (Print) “Contuse “ 
· Fringe, “Transponder”
· Gold Wake Severed Asleep, (chapbook) “how is it when,” “bonepickers,” One and Two,” “Lake Habeeb” and “One Sunday Morning”
· Hobart, “Booby is from Bobo” and “YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN THE DEAD”
· Keyhole, “Stand Up, Step Apart,” “A Run” and “Voice, Lost” (Print)
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