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Birch Trees in Snowy Forest

Masking fluid was used to preserve the pristine white of the birch trunks while the darker forest structure was painted. After the mask was removed, the signature Birch tree markings were applied with Lamp Black watercolor. White India ink was used in a splatter technique to create snow.

Snowy Evening

This snow scene employed wet-in-wet technique to create the soft luminescence of the cold winter sky. Dry brush was used to give the snow a crystal blue hue.

Bolton Hill Sunscape

This is a watercolor rendering of a photograph taken in a Bolton Hill residence. The reflections on the floor are challenging, but when the white surface of the watercolor paper is successfully preserved, it is incredibly rewarding. The rays of sun were created by pulling diluted white India ink over the painting.

Bow-Tie Gull and the Violin Episode

Bow-Tie Gull is an endearing character the artist created, and he has enjoyed many cultural and humorous experiences on his familiar stretch of the beach. Sophistocated in his red bow tie and conductor's suit, in this episode, Bow-Tie Gull is pondering more cultured pursuits. Even the artist is curious about how Bow-Tie Gull will play this one out....


About Kas

Baltimore County

A lifetime resident of Baltimore County, Kas Rohm has developed her own watercolor painting style by blending her love of color, composition, and technique, often incorporating local flora and fauna into her works.  Kas developed an interest in watercolor many years ago as she stood at the elbow of her mother, an amateur artist who had an innate talent for many disciplines including painting and sculpture.  After her mother passed away, Kas went on to further cultivate and refine her... more

Experimenting with Liquid Watercolor

The artist is experimenting with liquid watercolor medium.  This material has incredible vibrance of color and some brands contain a bit of luminescence.  The artist will continue to post projects using this wonderful  medium.

  • Red Poppy #1

    The artist used liquid watercolor to create this painting, first by using a dropper to place 3 or 4 drops of brilliant red ink on dry watercolor paper. The paint is spread into petals, and then a single drop of black watercolor is pulled into the wet petals to bleed and blend with the red.
  • Orange Poppy Single Flower

    Liquid watercolor was slightly diluted to create a more transparent image. Black waterproof ink was sued to create the center of the flower.
  • Blue Flox with Metallic Paint

    The artist used undiluted blue liquid watercolor with a brush already dipped in yellow. While still wet, metallic gold Koi paint was dropped into the base of each petal.

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