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Differential Diver

Forged, fabricated and carved steel, bronze, cherry, pine, found object

Billy Brain Bucket

Forged, fabricated and carved steel, oak, found object.

Addax Horns

Forged, fabricated, and carved steel.

Flying Eyeball

Carved steel, found object.


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I am a sculptor working predominately in steel,aluminum and bronze. I have been self employed making sculpture and furniture since 1998. I don't really have a cohesive reason for why I make what I make. I believe my subject matter is driven by experimenting with techniques in the shop which leads to an idea. Sometimes a found object, pop culture, or even a client requesting specific criteria in a piece can inform what I produce.


I think this sculpture was conceived on a hot June day on the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey.

I was attending an event called "The Race of Gentleman". TROG, as it is called in general discussion, is an 1/8th of a mile drag race on the beach. It features American cars 1934 or older and American motorcycles 1957 or older. All the participants are wearing period correct garb, a black and white photo of the event looks like it could have been taken 75 years ago.

This piece reflects the visuals I experienced at TROG and also the vibe. I envisioned a piston headed cyclops hanging ten on a longboard coming out of the curl of a wave. The proportions of the figure are a nod to the "sand kicked in the face" guy in the full page comic book ads, and the Weirdos created by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. The striped, one piece bathing suit seemed correct to set the time frame, and the seat flap added for some whimsy.

All parts of this sculpture were fabricated, forged and sculpted from raw sheet, pipe, and bar stock. Nothing is cast. The only part I didnt make was the piston I started with.

Differential Diver

Forged, fabricated, and carved steel, bronze, cherry, pine, found object.
24.5" tall x 12" wide

This piece began with the differential gear cage reminding me of an old diving helmet. As I progressed through building the sculpture memories of my childhood fish tank surfaced, most prominently the various bubbler accessories I would put in the tank. Skeletons, treasure chests and sea creatures all fascinated me.

Billy Brain Bucket

Forged, fabricated, and carved steel, oak, found object
18" tall x 8.5" wide x 18" deep

The seed of an idea for this piece was planted at The Race of Gentlemen (TROG) in Wildwood, NJ. I wanted to create a sculpture that reflected the attention to detail the participants had to their vehicles and clothing. I'm also a fan of late 50's early 60's lowbrow or hot rod art. The characters on the Weirdo t-shirts, with their extreme gestures, also were a big influence.
This is not a casting. All parts, with the exception of the gear on Billy's head, were made directly in steel.

Addax Horns and Flying Eyeball

Addax Horns
Forged, fabricated, and carved steel.
approximately 30" tall x 6" deep

Flying Eyeball
Carved steel
6" diameter

Photo sets showing a bit of my process in creating my work.

2016 projects

Armor Fish (Sir Gallishad and Swordfish)

The first armor fish was created for the Fish Out of Water exhibit which was held in 2001. It is on permanent display in The Walters Art Museum. The swordfish was built years later for a private residence. Both sculptures are roughly 6 feet long x 3 feet tall.
Sir Gallishad- fiberglass, steel sheet and bar, bronze, stainless chainmail
Swordfish- steel, stainless chainmail, bronze, glass

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