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About Juliette

My art involves lots of looking, frequently, over long periods of time. I work in varied media: paint (oil, gouache, ink), photograph, video, sound. I consider antique maps, and wonder why such inaccurate skewed objects continue to hold value over centuries. I like to watch things age and find a great deal of complex beauty in their "curing" process. In Baltimore I've exhibited at the Microcinefest Film Festival, the 14 Karat Cabaret, The Red Room, The Charles Theater, Maryland Art Place,... more

Many Moons

My motivation to interact with the moon is no different than anyone else’s – this glowy, ever-present orb floating in our night sky holds us all, conscious and unconscious. Human rituals surround cyclical lunar appearances and I have created my own ritual in hopes of capturing this unearthly light. It’s difficult to secure in a straight photo, so I make my camera dance -- grabbing a squiggle, a cursive letter or two, or a shape. Iridescent lunar ink burns into the velvety black indigo of a memory card. I think it looks like moonlight.

100 Black Eyed Susans

This painting series of Black Eyed Susans will be complete once there are 100 paintings and drawings devoted to the early, middle and final life stages of the flower.

All parts of the cycle are worth observing, but the final month of a Black Eyed Susan, when the petals change from lemon and Naples yellow, to earthy ochre, then darken to sienna and even deep violet is what drives me to document a hundred views of the same kind of flower.

Oral Pathology

Unfortunate dental health forced me to focus more than usual on what was going on beneath the surface of my gums for a few years.

The ten images displayed here are inspired by photos/microscopic slides in an old U.S. Navy primer titled "Oral Pathology" I found at a thrift store. All images are painted on canvases 5 x 5 inches, in oil. The paintings shown here are ten of a total of twenty, originally displayed in a grid in the 19th Critic's Residency Exhibit at Maryland Art Place.

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