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Atomic cloud merges with flower
Atomic cloud merges with flower – "Hybridplume" from the Nuclear Life series

Lunar Cloud

Lunar Cloud
"Lunar Cloud" on a sea of indigo blue from the Nuclear Life series

Black Eyed Susan

ink and gouache drawing of a black eyed susan
"BES 10" from the Black Eyed Susans project

Red Cloud

Red clouds and flowers
"Red Clouds" from the Nuclear Life series


About Juliette

Baltimore County

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My work explores the duality of destruction and beauty through the imagery of mushroom clouds and flowers. The mushroom clouds represent the devastating power of nuclear weapons and the destructive nature of humanity, while the flowers symbolize the resilience and growth that can emerge from even the darkest of circumstances. The sky and moon serve as a reminder of the vastness and majesty of the natural world, and the delicate balance between humanity and the environment. Through these contrasting... more

Black Eyed Susans

The Black Eyed Susans project is a series of paintings and drawings devoted to the early, middle and final life stages of the flower. All parts of the cycle are certainly worth documenting, but the final month of a Black Eyed Susan, when the petals change from lemon and Naples yellow, to ochre, then darken to sienna and even deep violet is especially saturated and worthy.

Many Moons

My motivation to interact with the moon is no different than anyone else’s – this glowy, ever-present orb floating in our night sky holds us all, conscious and unconscious. Human rituals surround cyclical lunar appearances and I have created my own ritual in hopes of capturing this unearthly light. It’s difficult to secure in a straight photo, so I make my camera dance -- grabbing a squiggle, a cursive letter or two, or a shape. Iridescent lunar ink burns into the velvety black indigo of a memory card. I think it looks like moonlight.

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