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A tunnel fire at Mt. Royal Station, 9-11, and the DC Sniper greeted Julie Jankowski in her first 4 months in Baltimore. She had come from the Midwest to work on her MFA at MICA. Perhaps it was a mixture of these dire circumstances, along with her interest in the awesomeness of new imaging technologies that led her to her work. Jankowski uses satellite images, threaded with environmental queries, and socio-political quandries as a basis for her projects. Julie Jankowski studied painting, at Indiana... more


Graphite drawings on paper using linear and tonal techniques. I use this process to help me think about subjects of paintings, and the formal concerns of design.

Shelters and Traps: part of the System

Environments distressed by natural occurrences e.g. flood, hurricane, threaten or destroy human habitation and survival. Once inhabited, these environs, offered as shelter evolve into a trap for those seeking refuge.

  • Blackout, Aug. 3, 2003

    Oil on canvas. Based on satellite photo of electrical grid failure on East coast, stretching to parts of Detroit.
  • Escape Route 10

    Oil on canvas. New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.
  • Disaster Plan

    Oil on panel. View of road infrastructure adjacent to the Superdome, to be used as the evacuate route for citizens of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.
  • Meadowlands Nocturne

    Oil on panel.
  • Terminal X-ess

    oil and wax pencil on canvas

Homeland Security

Based on digital imaging techniques, night vision equipment, and satellite observation technologies enabling surveillance around the globe. These night vision images are applied to familiar public sites, public works and democratic institutions.


Defunct spaces, failed systems, shelters that become traps are examined in these pieces. Once colonized by the masses, these exciting, public spaces now exist in a state of deconstruction, undergoing the process of succession.

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