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I believe it is my responsibility as an artist to keep telling stories of our histories. I am obligated to observe the word around me and make some sense of it through visual means. Successfully doing this gives meaning to the social concerns and heightens awareness in each of us. I’m influenced by the journeys we take in our lives. I am interested in how we travel from one phase of life to another. Sometimes it involves a physical move. Other times it is an emotional shift. How do we make it... more

Ship Vessel Series

I use the iconic image of the ship in my work to symbolize the journeys we take in life. It is a metaphor for emotional as well as physical transportation. A means for getting from one place to another. It is through this transportation that we change and grow. I have explored this shape from its most economical: sleek simple lines to much more complex and embellished forms.

  • Sail Cloud

    This piece was meant to reflect the freedom of being at sea, when the water and the sky become one. A ship is what allows us to be a part of that connection.
  • Voyage to a Foreign Land

    Ship vessel constructed by welding cold rolled steel. Embellished with photo images from a trip to Japan that are transfered onto handmade japanese papers using archival inks. A house on stilts is the center piece and has paper woven into the metal mesh and prayers tied to the roof as is the ritual in the japanese culture.
  • Photo Book

    This boat was made in honor of those who worked in the port of Baltimore and helped build our city up. The shipping industry is a large part of Baltimore's past, and this boat with historical photos folded into its design was made to remember them.
  • Colorful Journey

    All fabricated using cold rolled steel. The boat vessel is painted in vivid hues of red and orange. The house element is clad with plexiglass walls that have photo images of colored pencils to create a rainbow. The steel waves below evoke motion of the boat making its way through the water. 72" wide x 50 tall x 14" deep
  • Sailing Home

    My vision was creating a piece that was inspired by the small photo that is inside the hanging house. It is of a rock carin that serves as a trail marker to find your way. I fabricated the majority of the sculpture with cold rolled steel. Minor enhancements of paint, plexiglass and digital photography make this a one of a kind work. 72 Wide x 50 tall x 14 deep
  • Passages II

    I created a ship armiture of steel. Inside that is a sewn collage of vellum with images of doors and windows that symbolize "passages" The slats are also sewn vellum and cascade down the sides of the piece to create a ladder effect. 60" wide x 16" tall x 5 deep.
  • Post it Note

    Ship vessel fabricated in cold rolled steel. The sail is archival vellum paper that is sewn with nylon thread. It is laced to a wire armiture that sits in base.
  • Nest Boat

    Hundreds of steel rods are cut, cleaned, shaped and welded into place to create this nest like boat. The shadow image that is created with lighting the piece becomes a ghost sculpture that is as important as the object itself. 62" w x 8 h x 5 d
  • Copper Rib Vessel

    Created by hand hammering sold copper rod and re-assembling the rods in a composition of the essential elements of a ship. A skeletal form that evokes a sense of loss. 62 w x 14h x 8 d

Planetary Lenses

I call these lenses as I see them as a way to bring a smaller more important idea to the forefront of the viewers mind. I'm using very fragile materials such as wire and silk as the primary componets to construct the lenses. To give some structure, I am coating the silk with a gossimer thin layer of encaustic. At the very center circle I encrust the wire with gold leaf to bring focus to the center. Often leaving that space void so the viewer can visualize what is important to them. Sometimes I embellish with things I deem precious like milk weed seeds that are encased in glass to preserve them.

  • Planetary Lenses

    In creating this new body of work I set out to visually describe the fragility of all things: our bodies, our environment, or world. This lead me to think about the largest thing I can imagine, our galaxy. To me the very thought of a star being born is a true amazement. Earlier this year Ken and I had the pleasure of attending a lecture by John Mather, 2006 Nobel prize winner in Physics. His research is leading the way in proving life beyond our planet. Wire, Silk and Encaustic Sizes Vary
  • Planetary Lenses

    In creating this new body of work I set out to visually describe the fragility of all things: our bodies, our environment, or world.
  • Planetary Lenses

    Detail photo
  • Global Thoughts

    This piece reflects the interconnectedness of each of us with a global perspective. Individual pieces making up the whole. The gift of language is what unites us - the beauty is that we all contribute. Welded steel, archival vellum, nylon thread. 63"h x 23"w x 10"d
  • Inter-Stellar

    Light and Dark, confined in the space of the circle. Is it the galaxy? Our own thoughts? Begs the question of where does life begin and end… Wire, Silk and Encaustic on Patinated Steel Panel 22" diameter

Sculpture (other)

  • Global Thoughts

    This piece was made and mounted to be reminiscent of a globe. The square fragments are separate but connected, and together make our world. The outlined space is meant to be a door; it reminds us to travel and explore outside of our own square.

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