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Work Samples

Woman Warrior

Woman Warrior
Woman Warrior, 6 x 6 feet, charcoal, oil, and silver-gilded canvas (3D scales) on canvas

Warrior Series: Fanning the Flames

Fanning the Flames
Fanning the Flames, 3 x 8 feet, charcoal, acrylic and oil on canvas ($6500)

Flurry (diptych)

Flurry (diptych)
Flurry (diptych), 4 x 3 feet, charcoal and oil on canvas


4 x 5 feet, charcoal, oil and attached canvas (figure) on canvas


About Julia

Baltimore City

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ARTIST STATEMENT:   I have always been fascinated with illustrating particular states of mind, fragmented consciousness and perception of time, dreamlike states.  Much of my work is inspired by dream imagery, and by the blurring of lines between self and environment. In my paintings, memory assembles a moment in time similarly to how dreams create a patchwork mental landscape. BIO: I am a designer and painter from Baltimore. After receiving my BFA from Washington University School of... more

Warrior Series

*Click for detail on all images in my portfolio - they're large canvases, often taller than me, so better to see larger! *

The constant pursuit in creating images: How to preserve one moment in life as a totem, that speaks to you across time and culture, to bring you back to that spot that in reality has instantly disappeared. A dream-like recording pulling from sometimes incongruous things to achieve that. In this series it's about a woman moving through life, honoring the moments that it takes to create a path. In personal battle, in repose, in creation, in burning down and starting again. 

Woman Warrior

The Woman Warrior represents the lineage of women in my family. Their feet are grounded in home - the family history that supports them. Their lives take different paths navigating unknown places. They are vigilant and armored to stay brave for the journey. 

The life-size Warrior is standing on a carpet that my grandmother Ilse brought with her from her home in Guatemala. She is wearing armor of her own making. Here she travels to Italy, where I cut my own path as a young woman. This painting will be passed down to my daughter Ilse as a talisman to support whatever adventures await her. 

The painting is 6 x 6 feet. It is charcoal, acrylic, and oil on canvas. The 3D scales are gessoed canvas with silver leaf and ink. 

Other Recent Paintings

My recent paintings have included 3D elements and layering of canvas pieces. Figures are often created on separate canvas and attached to the background. Small scales are created and cut out individually and then applied one by one in rows to create texture and a different reflection of light from every angle. 


This series came out of and extended perior of travel and the balance between fascination with, and discomfort with, being out of my element. I use beasts to attempt to represent a consciousness within its own mental environment, not exactly a person, not exactly an animal, of no particular gender, age, race... simply a being.