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Work Samples

In the Studio with Joe Germershausen

video by Keeley Smith

Image mash

36"x72" collage -canvas, wood, found materials, concert posters.


photograph (U-Haul Window)


photograph (Mud House -Charlottesville VA)


About Joseph

Baltimore City

Artist member of Artists' Housing Inc. East Baltimore artist co-op. 

paintings 1974-2023

Paintings currently in progress or completed the past few years. These works are mixed media -combining materials & processes. The process reveals the final work -& no work is ever truely complete.......

  • yougoyourway&i'llgomine.JPG

    "you go your way & i'll go mine -most likely"
    mixed media 38"x38" (2023) (oil stick, acrylic, oil, wax on canvas. processes: drawing, painting, printmaking. This work will be shown in the AACPS "Teacher as Artist" exhibit at the AACO Board of Education in Annapolis (Feb/March 2023).
  • "...& so it goes"

    & so it goes
    Oil on Canvas 36"x48" (2022) mixed media. Processes -drawing, painting, printing. This work was shown at Gallery 1448 in Sept.2022 featured in a show at Gallery 1448 "& so it goes" 9/3/22-9/25/22. The work currently hangs in my living room.
  • greencolorfield1392.JPG

    green colorfield
    mixed media 24"x36" -2 panels (2023) I started a colorfield series -using crushed pastels & wax medium. ....more to come
  • redcolorfield.JPG

    red color field
    mixed media 24"x36" (2023)
  • oh the streetsofrome.JPG

    oh the streets of Rome
    mixed media on arches watercolor paper (29"x41") 2022. experiment with monoprint & drawing/painting processes.
  • "My Back Pages".JPG

    "My Back Pages"
    mixed media on canvas @36"x48" (2005-2022) This work has been in process for over 15 years & has seen several twists & turns in its journey. It will find a home in my granddaughter's room in Sacramento CA.
  • "The Rumor".JPG

    "The Rumor"
    mixed media on panel @22"X18" exhibited at Gallery 1448 September 2022. This work is part of a private collection.
  • elephant_1199.JPG

    "Elephant in the Room"
    "Elephant in the Room" -mixed media on panel @30"x18" This work is part of my sister's collection in Charlottesville VA,
  • IMG_1195.JPG

    "Rooftops -Canton Ohio" oil on canvas (1974) @48"x36" Painting was based on a photograph of Canton Ohio rooftops in the Sunday news magazine.

photographs I

photos taken as inspiration for paintings. Things that catch my eye briefly becuase of light, color -usually cropped to create an interesting (to me) composition.
These images could stand on their own as photographs or be translated in to painting or mixed media works.

  • Mudhouse.JPG

    Mudhouse I
    photo taken from inside a coffee house in Charlottesville VA while waiting for a coffee on a visit to my sister.
  • Mudhouse2.JPG

    Mudhouse II
    photo taken from inside a coffee house in Charlottesville VA while waiting for a coffee on a visit to my sister.
  • U-Haul.JPG

    photo taken from the inside of the U-Haul location on Falls Road while waiting for a rental truck.
  • U-Haul2.JPG

    Charcoal & pastel on unstretched canvas @54" square, based on the reflection photograph from inside the U-Haul office on Falls Road
  • Tom&PatNaples1.JPG

    Naples 1
    Reflections & mirror from Tom & Pat's house -Twin Eagles, Naples FLA
  • tompatnaples2.JPG

    Naples 2
    view from the inside of Tom & Pat's house -Twin Eagles, Naples FLA. Idea for a 3 panel large abstract painting.


I like to take photographs of things that catch my eye during my travels -looking for interesting compositions. Things that catch my eye can be cracks in a sidewalk, shadows cast. mirror reflections etc....this collection of photographs represents that aesthetic.  

  • Hampden Window.JPG

    Bedroom window looking out from Hampden -Baltimore.
  • Hampden Morning.JPG

    Bed covers taken upon waking in Hampden Baltimore.
  • boris #2.jpg

    A candid shot of Boris, my daughter Emma's Great Dane. Boris lives in Roseville CA.
  • Charles Theater .JPG

    This photo was taken one night while leaving the Charles Theater. The theater was kind of dark & I took the picture while I was walking. I see it as a template for a large painting.
  • Jane Hotel NYC -Window.JPG

    This photo was taken from the 4th floor of the Jane Hotel in Chelsea, NYC. I like the grid formed by the screen window. It is a photo of the window -I intentionally left the bricks on the right side, & not a photo of the view of Jersey City across the East River.
  • Seashells Assateague Island.JPG

    The seashells were collected during a walk my wife & I were taking on Assateague Island. After I had collected these I stopped & arranged them in this pattern. This could end up as a graphite or colored pencil drawing.
  • Soundscape Window.JPG

    This photo was taken on a walk along Cold Spring Lane. I like images that use the grid. I will try & use this image to create a large drawing or painting.

drawn from life

figure drawings -a large part of my artistic practice is to draw from the figure. I coordinate the Saturday morning Life Drawing sessions offered through the Creative Alliance, & also host weeknight sessions in my studio at 1450 E Baltimore st. I have been involved in this practice for over 30 years & the drawings are sketchbook size & larger. They represent & document that 30 + year journey.


photos taken from a flight to Naples FLA from Baltimore. Cloud formations as ideas for color field paintings.

  • clouds1.JPG

    clouds 1
    photos taken from a flight to Naples FLA from Baltimore 1/13/23