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Through a combination of media, Ruppert seeks to develop a heightened consciousness of our precarious existence on this planet and how fortunate we are in our positioning in the solar system.  His work reveals both nature’s destiny and ongoing pattern of change, as well as human interference on a global scale.   Ruppert’s work has been featured in numerous exhibitions both nationally and internationally.  These include Grounds for Sculpture, Omi International Sculpture Park,... more


Phenomenon is critical to my work ... making process an integral part of the content.

My interest in phenomena, both in my sources and in the way that I work is what compels me to make sculpture.

"Origins" brings together the various interests and media that I have been working with over the past several years. It is also heavily influenced by my observations of nature and my interest in the physical presence of material, the history of an object and the use of technology.

  • Origins

    Crucible = aluminum chain-link fabric River jack = granite, cast aluminum, bronze, copper,& iron. Marble dust Video projection of turbulent ocean

Arrogance - A Sanitized War - 2001 and counting......

For the past several years, I has been stunned by the reckless behavior of our government when engaging with the rest of the world and how uninformed it is about the subtle complexities and differences within cultures.

"Arrogance - A Sanitized War" references the cool and distant engagement of this violence.... drawing you in with the visceral nature of the materials while simultaneously repelling you with the horror and carnage of a catastrophic event.

Hopefully change is coming .................

  • Arrogance

    Aluminum & tool-dip 75" x 11" x 4"

Iron Wedges/Liquid Tectonics

Over the past several years I have been working with the metal casting process to create my sculpture. The sources for my work are drawn from the landscape and the processes that have formed it, the scale and power of industry, and the effect that environmental forces have on human ordering, ranging from remote ancient ruins to urban archeology.

I see the processes and elements used to shape metal in the foundry as a metaphor for the forces that have shaped and are shaping our environment.

What interests me most about a cast object is its fossil like nature: its ability to retain and convey information. The marks of the sand mold, the flashing and the cracks left from the molten metal shrinking and the natural patina of the metal all convey history.

My most recent castings address the way creative forces in nature shape material; comparing time and material. Wood fragments blown from trees struck by lightning, boulders worn by glaciers and water, and currently hybrid oversized gourds have been used for patterns for the castings.

Each cast iron wedge weighs approximately 1,000 lbs
The shape of each wedge is determined by the angel of the sides of the mold and the incline of the mold in the ground.
The project is on going..........

Rapid Prototype of Celestial Bodies/Mirrors

3D modeling of celestial bodies with wire frame reflection.
Rapid prototype ABS plastic


Copper, Aluminum and iron castings made from shards of trees that have been hit by lightning.


The gourd has been an important staple and symbol through out the history of many cultures. Its full roundness, suggestive of a pregnant stomach, housing a great quantity of seeds for the next growing season, embodies the notion of fertility. As a food it will keep for long periods of time. When dried the shell of the gourd has a broad range of uses from storage and transport of food to cultivating the resonance of sound in musical instruments.

The â??Pumpkinâ? has truly become an American phenomenon symbolizing the harvest and our agricultural industry. As a result fierce pumpkin growing competitions have evolved for the heaviest pumpkin.

The Gourds that I have been working with are products of agricultural engineering and are carefully attended to during their growing period. The pumpkins are freaks, oversized, burdened by their own weight to the point of collapse. Their size animates them giving them an anthropomorphic presence and amplifying their fertile qualities.

The â??Pumpkin Seriesâ? is generated from a mold taken from an original 700lb pumpkin. The series is an ongoing, open-ended edition that started in 1995. Currently there are 18 aluminum and 2 iron pumpkins. In locations from the East to West coasts.

They have also been featured in a recent traveling exhibiton "Material Terrain."

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