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"Thrown" S16mm film/ TRT 4:15 Director, Cinematographer/Composer/Editor A short dance for the camera in which a woman, suddenly and inexplicably, finds herself in a strange and hostile world. Selected fpr Scotland Screendance Festival, American Dance Festival's International Dance on Camera Festival, In-Shadow Screendance Festival (Lisbon, Portugal), Richmond International Film Festival

It Goes Without Saying

"It Goes Without Saying" S16mm film, TRT4:57: Director/Cinematographer/Composer/Editor Official selectionsL California International Short Film Festival (Best Short Experimental Film), Eugene International Film Festival, Utah Dance Film Festival, and Paris Short Film Festival.


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My work in film and video originated with my doctoral work in philosophy. Specifically, I am interested in the idea of ‘home’ and related issues of belonging, alienation, and dislocation. I am interested in how these issues are persistently impacted by an expansive technological sphere. Martin Heidegger, Paul Virilio, Jean Baudrillard, Martin Buber, Susan Sontag and Gaston Bachelard remain significant sources for my work. Annie Dillard’s essays continue to inspire me. Heidegger’s notion of being “... more


"if...then..." S16mm film: Director/Cinematographer/Composer/Editor
A short personal essay film exploring the impact of a childhood accident. Selected for Ethnografilm Festival (Paris).

  • If... Then...

    "if...then..." is a short personal essay film exploring the impact of a childhood accident.

Locust Point

Locust Point: Producer/Director/Composer/Editor. A thirty-minutes documentary about immigration into Baltimore in the early 1900’s. The voice-overs are readings from interviews conducted in the 1960’s. With the exception of the opening shot, all moving images in this film are recreations. The project was fully funded by Corporation for Public Broadcasting and Independent Television Service (ITVS). Selected for national series, American Independents. (1997, TRT 26:46 16mm film)

Running to Keep from Falling

Running to Keep from Falling: Producer/Director/Cinematographer/Writer A film examining dislocation and abandonment in contemporary society. The voice-overs are taken from telephone messages. (2003, TRT 8:30, Super16mm film) The film was selected for screening at the Maryland Film Festival and received Honorable Mention from Black Maria Film Festival.

breathe in...breathe out...

breathe in….breathe out: Producer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor. A dance for the camera as a woman remembers critical moments from her life. (2013, TRT 5:17, Super16mm film) Selected for screening at the American Dance International Dance on Camera Festival.


Nicodemus: Producer/Director/Composer A one-hour documentary exploring Nicodemus, Kansas. Located in northwestern Kansas, the town was founded by freed slaves. Nicodemus survives and continues with an annual Homecoming event. (1992,TRT 56:46, 3/4SP Video) Selected for screening at Athens Film Festival.

It Goes Without Saying

It Goes Without Saying: Producer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor. A dance for the camera investigating the potential for sudden, unexpected, and tragic events. (2015, TRT 4:41, Super 16mm film). Selected  by California International Short Film Festival (Winner Best Short Experimental Film), Eugene International Film Festival, Utah Dance Film Festival.


Thrown, S16 Director, Cinematographer, Composer, Editor

Suddenly and inexplicably a woman finds herself alone in a strange and hostoile world.

  • Thrown

    Thrown, S16, Director, Cinematographer, Composer, Editor Selected for American Dance Festival Movies by Movers International Festival, In-Shadow Screendanc eFestival (Lisbon, Portugal), Scotland Screendance Festival, Richmond International Film Festival.

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