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The Baltimore "arabber"--A generations-long icon with his horse-drawn cart clopping through neighborhoods and chanting the various fruits and vegetables for sale.

Crystalline Mildred.jpg

The restored "Mildred Belle", a Chesapeake fishing vessel, tied up in Locust Point.

crystalline william.jpg

A crisp spring morning along a William Street sidewalk.


Downtown as viewed through a South Baltimore alley


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Baltimore City

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I'm the kind of guy who has been creative all his life. At school, I doodled in the margins instead of taking notes. In college, I met pretty girls by offering to draw their portraits. Throughout my working career as a journalist and trade writer, I've painted word pictures to make points clear. I have taken courses at the Maryland Institute College of Art and elsewhere to appreciate the purely visual medium. All of which is to say that painting is fun for me. I hope that comes through in my... more

Watercolor perceptions

Watercolor portraits of Federal Hill houses, Baltimore Harbor, and various other studies.

Santa Rising

This is the story of how a boy, disillusioned by the "lame" gifts Santa brought him last year, comes to understand what Santa is really all about. It is an illustrated children's story, with words and images produced by myself.

  • Santa1.jpg

    Joey just does not "get" Santa because of the lame gifts he received last year. Meanwhile, Santa is coming to surprise him.
  • Santa2.jpg

    Santa tells Joey to "Hop in!"
  • Santa3.jpg

    Up they go, to the fourth floor apartment where a lonely woman sits sadly in the dark.
  • Santa4.jpg

    They watch in secret when suddenly a little kitten sneaks in.
  • Santa5.jpg

    Sadness turns to warmth and gladness as the two bond together.
  • Santa12.jpg

    After two more visits (illustrations available), one to a friendless banker in his 27th floor office, and another to a traveling salesman forced to be apart from his family while he sits in an airplane, Santa and Joey go the highest of all--to the orbiting International Space Station.
  • Santa13.1.jpg

    The mission here is to convince a grumpy scientific-only astronaut that Santa really exists.
  • Santa14.jpg

    He does!
  • Santa16.jpg

    Safely back in his room, Joey now "gets" Santa. The End
  • santacover.jpg

    Cover image for my children's story titled "Santa Rising"

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