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Oil on Canvas 38 x 48

Red Dress with Goldfinch

Red Dress with Goldfinch Oil on canvas 30" x 22"


Aphrodite Oil on canvas 30" x20"

The Myth of Possession #2.jpg

Myth of Possession #2 Oil on canvas 30" x 34"


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Howard County

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Joan Bevelaqua, of Columbia Maryland, works primarily in oil and watercolor, has held teaching positions, served as a juror for numerous art exhibitions, and directed several galleries. She teaches studio art classes at Howard Community College, The University of Maryland University College and Prince George’s Community College. Joan earned her a BA in art from Anna Maria College in Paxton, MA and an MFA in painting from Towson University in Towson. Joan’s art has been regionally exhibited and she has... more

Myth of Possession

A few years ago I had a dream where the phrase "a myth of possession" was mentioned. I woke to wonder if this might be a book I should read.
Google did not produce anything. So I thought about what it meant to me.
We possess nothing. We live and than die. I included remains such as skulls from animals along with the dresses.
It really is my dust to dust expression. I am still exploring this theme and I am not sure where it will go.
As I age, and I have a 90 year old mother who is on the decline this is beginning to hit me even harder. My future work may or may not reflect this awareness.

Dresses as Metaphor

I began this series almost twenty years ago. I have a visceral relationship to cloths. In my teens and twenties I sewed many of my cloths and I remember what I was wearing on important momental events in my life. I love fabric.
So my series began as a metaphor of a woman's life. This would include my life growing up Roman Catholic.


Remains came after my Myth of Possession series. Partly because of the thought that we have objects that are nothing but remains of something bigger. Something we keep but is nothing more than the feather from a bird we thought we could save, or a tree that we did not want cut down. Or a friend who did not live. I have a whole series of SongBirds that I only have two images of. The dates on the package reflect the day they died.

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