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About Jim

Baltimore City

I am an artist living in Baltimore City. I make dioramas, music and animation. Selected Exhibits: -American Visionary Art Museum “The Great Mystery Show” Baltimore 2017-18 -American Visionary Art Museum “Storytelling: Lies, Enchantment, Humor, Truth” Baltimore 2012-13 - Heliumcowboy Presents: “George Hearts Maria” Hamburg, Germany - Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery "From the Outside" Washington DC. 2013 - THE HAPPENING 2, New York City 2014 - Jordan Faye Contemporary "... more

Public Performance Artist Project & Other Random Projects

I "ran for Artist" during the last election in a performance/public art space project. I placed election signs around Baltimore County and at polling places. I received quite a few write-ins, and I made a lot of people laugh.

The Death Watch Beetle

?To attract mates, these woodborers create a tapping or ticking sound that can be heard in the rafters of old buildings on quiet summer nights. They are therefore associated with quiet, sleepless nights and are named for the vigil (watch) kept beside the dying or dead, and by extension the superstitious have seen the death watch as an omen of impending death.? ~Wikipedia

When the death watch beetle opens, if you are lucky enough to witness such a thing, it becomes a window into the Land of the Dead. This beetle is showing Charon (the ferryman) launching a ship across the dead sea.

A tiny diorama in an Altoids tin, featuring book print, paper drawing cut-outs and ink.

The Ghoul and the Grackles, Land of the Dead, Glimmermen

1) A diorama in a Hershey's Cocoa powder tin. This scene is made of paper cut-out drawings and shows the Ghoul consorting with the Grackles.
2) Land of the Dead shows a view through two coffins into the afterlife. This diorama is lit from inside and features swinging lanterns.
3) The Glimmermen are an Irish trio that recorded their album here in Baltimore. I made a diorama for their cover art.

Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle

A tiny diorama featuring pen and Ink drawing paper cut-outs in an old sardine tin.

Pandora's Bottle

Diorama in a bottle, made from match sticks, paper, resin.

Jim's Curated Collection

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