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Companion Spirits

Acrylic on Canvas, 24"x30" (2018). Curious Red-lored Amazon parrots are perched on a street sign in southeast Baltimore across the street from a predominately Latine elementary school. The colors found on the parrots are found in the street signs - a perfect blend and sense of belonging. The Mayan glyph for "companion spirit" is within the crosswalk.

Cintil Corn Maiz

Acrylic on canvas 36"x48" 2020


Acrylic on canvas "48x60" 2019

El Espiritu de la Gente

Acrylic on Canvas 18"x24" 2018


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Baltimore City

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Raised in a Nicaraguan household in Miami, FL and currently living in her new home of Baltimore City, Jessy DeSantis is a self-taught emerging artist creating meaningful, vibrant work. Her painting's stark contrast of vibrant color and white space draws the viewer into her subjects. She is inspired by her connection to nature, family, and her Central American roots. Her paintings are more than just visually beautiful. They carry in them intention with a story to be told. She seeks to pass on these... more

Community Fridge Mural

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