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Elucidate, Fabric, shoe polish, acrylic, and spray paint on ceramic 2019


Tribute 2016 Clay


About Jessica

Baltimore City

Jessica Cherry is a multidisciplinary artist who received her Bachelors of Fine Art degree from Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania. Originally from the Bronx New York, Jessica is currently living in Maryland and received her Masters of Fine Art degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art. 

A Place Inside

We have been taught to see, hear, and feel in an environment that seduces us to

conform. This system has brought about a separation among humans, were distinction and hierarchy are key to life. I am trying to reconnect to others through universal sensations felt by a body, skin, and emotional contagion. By animating these conditions, perhaps the reforming of a true community will be realized. The precipice of social change is occurring, and my hope is for the falling action to conclude in solidarity.

"Binding Words That Cement Me Here"

Ribbon hanging from the ceiling falling to the floor, decorated in warm colors, speak words I wish to say out loud. The mouths hold a thought, the reflection of my mind. What comes across my mind in a moment of pause. The mouth, the important physical part that allows the words to be breathed out and released to the world. I have held my words back for so long. Breathe out and lift up, release the built-up tension.

In this installation the viewer is free to walk through the piece.


From the dust, we arose and transformed. Life swelled into us with a mighty gust if air and with our first breaths, we emerged.

What truly divides people who ultimately began in the same manner? People emerged from the same point but have become so divided. Weather a spiritual belief in a creation story or evolution; both would have people originating from the same source. We, as a society have become so separated. With all the turmoil and conflict taking place over the decades it feels as though the world is reaching a precipice. Where we could either continue into conflict or begin to truly unite.

  • Detail from "Creation"

    These small figure like creatures are arranged in a circle on the ground. The viewer may then walk the perimeter and note how their shadow transitions over the work.

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