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Jerrell Gibbs, For Thomas, 2021. Courtesy of Mariane Ibrahim.jpg

'For Thomas' 50 x 60 in. Oil, oil stick on canvas 2021

Gibbs I Wish I Could Give You This Feeling.png

'I Wish I Could Give You This Feeling' 47 x 36 in. Acrylic, oil stick on canvas 2020

Jerrell Gibbs, Top Shelf, 2020. Courtesy of Mariane Ibrahim.jpg

'Top Shelf' 72 x 60 in. Oil, acrylic on canvas 2020

gibbs vive y aprende.png

'Vive y Aprende' 60 x 48 in. Oil on canvas 2019


About Jerrell

Baltimore County

Jerrell Gibbs's picture
Jerrell Gibbs’ work is often sourced from albums he finds of Black American families in the 70’s-90’s that capture moments of intimacy, leisure and elegance. Gibbs highlights subtle adornments found in these domestic spaces, which represent cultural symbols in an era where Black folks created beauty with whatever means they had. He leans into a method of painting that supports the duality of Black people who may not have resources, and yet are active in creating world-renowned culture and style that... more

Entre Nous

Entre Nous  features loved ones and familiar figures of Jerrell Gibbs in contexts of leasure. The series connects the artist's relationship between Baltimore City, his hometown, and Paris, France, two critical sites of artistic and personal growth for Jerrell. 

Sounds of Color: Recorded Memories

Sounds of Color: Recorded Memories features a figure who became a young avatar for Jerrell Gibbs. In the study of this figure, Gibbs was able to focus on markmaking and color piecing within the year of 2021. 

Men with Flowers

Men with Flowers features works from 2020 to 2022, all of which portray Black men supposing positions of sensitivity. 

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