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Bio Jennifer Becker is an artist who lives and works in Baltimore City. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA and then went on to earn her MFA in sculpture at the University of Maryland, College Park. She has exhibited her sculpture in and around the Baltimore area since moving here in 1986. Ms. Becker has taught art for a variety of different programs over the last 20 years. Most recently she has enjoyed working with Baltimore City School students as an art teacher for... more

Sea Life/See Life

I used plastic bags to crocheted a quilt like covering for a cement dolphin lawn ordainment. The piece represents what plastic is doing to our oceans.

  • Row, Row Boat

    Crocheted wire with a photo of my family.
  • Garden Pinwheel

    This is a 17 foot high pinwheel created by sewing plastic placemats and tourist brochures together. The smaller pinwheels are made from recycled soda bottles.
  • Shoes

    This piece is made from a book. I took pages from the book to create the boat. The background is plywood and I used a wood burning tool.
  • Uphill

    This piece was made from crocheted wire, rocks and wood
  • Fortune Teller

    This piece was created out of folder newspaper and magazine pages. Each piece was folded like a child's fortune teller game and then they all fit together to form a large wall quilt like wall piece.
  • Alice's Garden

    I used plastic bags made into yarn to create an outdoor seating area with crocheted plastic bag vines. This was an interactive piece because people walking by were would stop and sit and learn how to create the plastic vines that were then added to the gazebo.
  • Paper Boats

    Encaustic painting
  • Bunny

    Crocheted yarn and wire with photo of my children inside.
  • Swimming Upstream

    Clay bunny figure in canoe with yarn water.
  • Sea Life/See Life

    I crocheted a quilt made from plastic bags and used it to cover a cement dolphin. This piece represents what plastic is doing to our oceans.

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