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Up Close

Embroidered, Canvas, Wood and Gold Leaf


Embroidery, Canvas, Wood , Gold Leaf


Garden Pinwheels- Large kinetic outdoor sculpture


About Jennifer

Baltimore City

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  Jennifer Becker a mixed media artist who lives and works in Baltimore City. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA and then went on to earn her MFA in sculpture at the University of Maryland, College Park.  Jennifer has exhibited her sculpture in and around the Baltimore area since she moved to Baltimore in 1986. Some of her sculptural pieces have been included in Artscape in Baltimore. Her crocheted pieces were part of the SM15... more

Speaking Out

Embroidery  Double Self-Portrait with Gold Leaf

Oh No

Embroidery Self-Portraits

  • Oh No

    Embroidery Self-Portrait


  • Child

    Embroidery on Found Embroidery

I Can't Watch

Embroidery Self-Portrait with Graphite


Embroidery on Found Embroidery with Gold Leaf

  • Caught

    Embroidery, Canvas, Wood , Gold Leaf


Embroidery Self-Portrait

  • No

    Embroidery Self-Portrait

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