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Jenna Cipolloni is a Maryland-based writer and filmmaker.


Just shy of a five-minute runtime, Concealer is an avant-garde short film that explores the connotated obscenity and permissibility of a woman's body.

In our society, women of all demographics are expected to hide certain aspects of themselves in order to be accepted into the outside world. This can include softening their personality to be perceived as less shrill, changing their hairstyle to match professional standards, covering socially-deemed flaws such as pores and cellulite, and altering their general appearance to match feminine expectations. The feminized body is considered obscene yet sacred - something that is desired yet should be hidden, to behave to appease everyone except themselves.

As a genderqueer individual who does not fully identify with womanhood, Concealer is an expression of my angst as someone who is held to feminine standards through no choice of my own. My body is not obscene, my body is not a flaw, and I am not something to be hidden.

School Nights

School Nights is a zine and collection of poetry written throughout my high school and college careers. These poems were written as I navigated relationships, identity, change, and heartbreak throughout my youth.

This zine is available for purchase for $1. Please email [email protected] if interested.

Cover art by Nic Koski.

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