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Repl Self Portrait

Repl Self-Portrait, 2016 Jeffrey L. Gangwisch
A self-portrait form the Repl project. Flattened three-dimensional model digitally lit.

Vernal, 2015

Vernal 2015, Jeffrey L. Gangwisch
Vernal, 2015. 25 Channel Video Infinite Duration. Photograph by Joshua McKerrow


obj_I, 2016 Jeffrey L. Gangwisch
7 Channel Interactive Installation

BodyBlox, 2015

BodyBlox, 2015 Jeffrey L. Gangwisch
3D-printed children's building blocks composed of interlocking segments from scanned human figure models.


About Jeffrey L.

Baltimore City

Jeffrey L. Gangwisch works with digital motion media, often collaborating with various cinema and performance groups for video installation, cinematic exhibition, and new media distribution. Jeffrey earned his Bachelor of Arts in Film Production from the University of New Orleans and was a Fulbright Media Scholar when he received his Masters of Arts in television production from University College Falmouth in Cornwall, UK. Jeffrey was an artist in residence at the Creative Alliance from 2012 to 2015.... more


obj_i, 2016 Jeffrey L. Gangwisch

Interactive Installation

3x Networked Holographic Cabinets
3x Networked Scopic Cabinets
1x Interactive Projection

3 self-portraits run in lap across all three holographic cabinets. If any cabinet registers a environmental sound, the self-portrait generated by that cabinet trips.

A procedurally-generated horde of self-portraits run laps across the three scopic cabinets at different sizes and speeds. A large lens further distorts the figure. Again, any environmental sound trips the runners.

A large projection runs through procedurally-generated scenarious. Environmental audio trips the running self-portrait(s), triggers a text warning for any viewer to be quieter, and affects many non-obvious elements of the program, such as the length of each scene.

The installation is driven by 7 microphones, 6 tablets, 1 computer, 1 network router and 1 projector.

  • Projection

    obj_i, 2016 Jeffrey L. Gangwisch
    An example of the interactive projection responding to the viewer's presence.
  • obj_i

    Video documentation of the installation.
  • obj_i

    obj_i, 2016 Jeffrey L. Gangwisch
    A second screenshot from the interactive projection.

Digital Experiments

Experimental projects using computer logic and vision.

  • Augmented Reality 3D Photograph

    This is an Augmented Reality 3D Photograph. I photographed a mode in Skanect with an Xtion Live Pro, imported into Unity, assembled with ARtoolkit for Unity, then built into an Android app. The photograph was not at all sculpted, but features artefacts from the scanning process. This video also shows works by artist Melissa Cormier ( )and music by Sassy Kitty (
  • creatr_flock

    creatr_flock, 2016 Jeffrey L. Gangwisch Interactive Installation. creatr_flock responds only when looked at. When creatr_flock realizes it has an audience, a growing number of polygons flock to greet the viewer(s), reacting to their movements. Creatr flock was created with support from a 2016 Baltimore Microgrant. It was built in Processing using Computer Vision and Box2D libraries. Though it can be exhibited many different ways, it requires a display surface, a computer (here using a mac-mini), and a camera.


Three Dimensional Human Figure Scanning, Modeling and Printing.

This developing work is exploring issues involved in modern photographic processes and image replication.

  • BodyBlox

    3D-Printed toy building blocks made from merged 3D figurative photographs.
  • Crouch

    2 dimensional Photograph of a 3 Dimensional photograph.
  • ballerina

    2-dimensional photograph of a 3-dimensional photograph.
  • repl_2

    2-dimensional rendering of a 3-dimensional photograph.
  • sit

    2-dimensional photograph of a 3-dimensional photograph.
  • repl_3

    2-dimensional rendering of a 3-dimensional photograph.

The Symposium by Plato

An experimental theatre piece adapted, directed and produced by Jeffrey L. Gangwisch at Terrault Contemporary.


Human figures presented in aviaries, terrariums, and aquariums.

First presented in May 2015 as an exhibiton with painter Douglas Johnson, who contributed 9 large watercolors.

  • Organism Overview

    Aquariums 1-6, 2014 Subterranean vivariums enclosing women and men in motion through an aquatic environment. Each unit may be displayed individually, in a collection, or as part of its entire installation. The twelve unique videos installed within six units are synchronized to deliver a single experience. 4’x2’x1’ per unit. 3 units in collection. 2 collections in the complete installation. 2 unique installed, looped and synced videos per unit. Can be synced with collection and the complete installation. No sound.

SouthWest End & Short Films

Various Cinematic Projects

Jeffrey L.'s Curated Collection

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