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A Day by the Bay

A couple is enjoying some quiet conversation on a sunny day by the Chesapeake Bay, Havre de Grace. The scene with the flow of the water and the beauty of the roses is captured in this impressionistic oil painting by Jeannie Allerton.

Springtime at Longwood Gardens

The colorful beauty of this abundant field of tulips at Longwood Gardens at springtime is detailed in thick strokes of oil paint. The blue sky accentuates the scene and Jeannie Allerton brings it all to life in this impressionistic work of art.

Ocean Grove Asbury Shoreline

A beautiful scene of the Atlantic Ocean with a skyline view of Ocean Grove and Asbury Park, NJ, is captured with vibrant strokes of oil paint. The various blues of the water and sky are carefully laid in aside the soft sandy shoreline.



Harford County

Jeannie Allerton grew up in the suburbs of Phila, later spent 25 years  in Monmouth County, NJ and now resides happily retired with her family in Havre de Grace, MD, a beautiful little city on the Chesapeake Bay.   Her father was an artist and Jeannie always wanted to learn from him.  Since 2012, she  has had the privilege to study painting on a weekly basis under nationally acclaimed and locally loved artist, Lee Alban.   At Monmouth University she minored in art... more

Ripples by the Bay

  • Ripples by the Bay

    This peaceful scene of a little duck making ripples in the pond by the bay is created in rich oil paint. Various shades of green and blue accent the puffy white clouds and their reflection. 18x24"

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