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About Jayson

Anne Arundel County

Jayson Edward Carter is a multidisciplinary visual artist living and working in Baltimore, MD. During his undergraduate studies at Towson University, Carter utilized video, photography and installation to develop his formal, conceptual and technical vocabulary.  His BFA Thesis, "No Fats No Fems," was a multimedia installation that explored virtual identity politics and the semiotics of the selfie. Carter has been included in local, national and international exhibitions and publications while... more


For this series, I was interested in developing a multi-layered process utilizing digital imaging technology (photocopier, flatbed scanner, laser printer, projector) to manipulate the figures. In my mind, these alterations suggest the transformative role of technology in reckoning the human experience. The works exploit the miscommunications that occur during translations between the virtual and the actual. Likewise, they invoke glitch art and surrealism to subvert photographic purism and parallel the deceptive nature of virtual identities.

Variations on a Theme

A continuation of the Half-Pixels series with more of a focus on the manipulation of the body. Figures photographed against a white background are printed and manipulated using an Epson scanner.


The "Homoglyph" series involves clipping bodies out of screenshots of gay dating app profile pictures and recontextualizing them to emphasize the semiotics of the selfie. Bodies paired with specific motifs juxtapose classical and contemporary notions of gender expression while challenging the relationship between contemporary masculinity and self-objectification. Here, the profile photo is viewed as a 21st century hieroglyph meant to communicate specific sexual messages informed by hegemonic values and mainstream media. Likewise, the stolen images address the inherent conflicts of the unabashed conflation of private and public life.

No Fats No Fems

"No Fats No Fems" is a multimedia installation that explores expressions of desire and self while challenging contemporary ideas of public and private. A set of silk curtains patterned with male torsos hangs above the threshold of a bedroom. At the center of the room behind the curtains is a bed onto which various men are projected. Along the walls of the installation, a slideshow of semi-clothed men scrolls past. Removed from their original contexts, the posed and polished men become symbols of sensuality and machismo. All likenesses have been sourced from online dating apps, isolated and reproduced to highlight the intersection of masculinity, vulnerability, and virtual persona.

Jayson's Curated Collection

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