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Jamie was born in Houston, Texas and received a degree in Architecture from Texas A... more

Conceptual Paintings

These paintings are examples of my first explorations as an oil painter. Transitioning from paper to canvas resulted in a shift in my work, the art became more figurative. Starting with my self portraits, I depicted the duality of my personality. Then I portrayed relationships, familial and romantic with female and male figures. And finally I added an animal element to show the interconnectedness of our environment. Most of these paintings are part of a series so I can have several images illustrate my story. I have always been fascinated with triptychs and so my art tends to go that way, for example the Lovers series and the Murder and a Muster series are both triptychs.

Still Life Paintings

This section includes art that was completed while studying classical painting. Through the methods and materials of the old masters, I explored form, light, and texture. These paintings are different from my others because they were painted from life and not from my imagination or photo reference.

Mixed Media

As a young lover of art and a student of architecture, I began to explore line and form with conceptual images. The result: sketchy drawings that leaned more towards abstraction. This work is a compilation of my "experiments" that utilized many different mediums including collage, needle and thread, fabric and wax to name a few.

  • Firestarter

    11" x 17" Collage, needle and thread, color pencil on paper
  • Inseyet

    30" x 40" Charcoal, pen and ink, enamel on canvas
  • Paper Doll

    24" x 30" Collage, marker on paper
  • Peter

    16" x 20" Pen and ink, wax on paper
  • Rainy Day

    24" x 30" Pen and ink, marker on paper
  • The Crash

    24" x 30" Graphite, pen and ink, marker on paper
  • The Painter

    18" x 24" Color pencil and water color on paper
  • Twins

    5" x 7" Water color, needle and thread, pen on paper
  • Y Cycle

    14" x 48" Collage, pen and ink, marker on paper


In addition to painting, I started to explore another art form, the art of printmaking. This practice is done in a specialized studio where chemicals and very expensive equipment is used. I was fortunate enough to have such a studio available to me for a couple of years. This work is compilation of my time there demonstrating different printmaking techniques including etchings, woodcuts, linocuts, and lithographs.


This section includes art that was completed while studying classical portraiture. Using vine and compressed charcoal with traditional techniques, I worked to achieve a great likeness of the model while still creating a beautiful portrait in a timely manner. Each of these pieces was created in a 3 hour session with a live model.

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