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Sawud Rayay

The music you’ve written for Mind on Fire is titled ‘Sawud Rayay.’ What does that mean, and how does it relate to the music you’ve composed? Sawud Rayay- translates as Black Sun, which stems from ancient Khemetic language that dates back to pre dynastic Egypt. The black sun is the eternal core or nucleus of the ball of gas that we know as the sun, and due to the high volume of radiance we cannot see with naked eye.


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Baltimore City

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   Jamal R. Moore is a native of Baltimore Maryland whom is a multi-instrumentalist, composer/performer and educator.     His background include California Institute of The Arts (M.F.A. 2012), Berklee College of Music (B.M 2005), Eubie Blake Jazz Orchestra (2000) under the direction of Christopher Calloway Brooks and historical acclaimed Frederick Douglass Sr. High whom notable alumni Thurgood Marshall, Cab Calloway, and Ethel Ennis graduated from.     Some notable... more

Psalms of Baltimore

Psalms of Baltimore
  This is a project that stems from research into the African American migratory paths from North Carolina and Virginia into Baltimore Md. in search of better economic opportunity and work.  It was through inspiration of starting research in 2018 initially with my own family lineage maternally and paternally; I discovered the wealth of  folk music (steel guitar) and visual art that was brought with them specifically from the Appalachian regions. 
 Currently I am researching the migratory paths of African Americans whom travelled to Baltimore Maryland pre and post emancipation proclamation. Some of the first settlements in Baltimore begin in what we know today as Port Covington -South Baltimore stretching into Leadenhall and Sharp streets. On the Eastside of Baltimore, communities were formed in lower fells point area.
  Psalms of Baltimore would be presented in a music performance of an ensemble of 16 artist local and nationally known . It will consist of a five-movement suite composed to a timeline of  the African American infrastructure in Baltimore city from 1797- present.
After performance there would be a panel discussion with Q/A led by Nicoletta Darita De La Brown along with composer .
   Primarily my goal would be to present this project in the Fall of 2022 in a theater setting where the audience can absorb a surround and surreal experience.
  I would like to utilize  Vox Theater or  Creative Alliance  contingent upon their availibility to facilitate public viewing and attendance.
  Public viewing as we know is contingent due to our current state of Covid-19 and CDC regulations. If public performance is not applicable, the next stage would be to do a live stream of performance with panel discussion via online platform.
   With 20 years in my career and currently working in multidisciplinary structures outside of traditional music structures, I feel this is the right time in my career to present this project and see it come to fruition. 
 As a proud native of Baltimore City I would like to present this project as a dedication and   sound healing to counter the negative social political light which  shadows this city. I want to honor and present the rich cultural African American legacy of the everyday life in Baltimore city, past to present through the lens of this project entitled, “Psalms of Baltimore”.

Collective and Collaboritive Works

1) Mojuba Duo- A newly formed duo of myself and Nick Francis. Our aim is to achieve harmony  through sound via improvisation creating a  sonic healing force. Further details can be seen in interview via link uploaded.

2) High Zero Festival 2018- A collective improvisation of myself on reeds,electronics, and bougaraboo drum along with Carrie Fucile- electronics and objects, Peter Redgrave- Movement and Ada Pinkston Movement.

3) Sonic Tripmasters Allstars- A rare performance highlighting myself on Tenor Sax, Dave Ballou- Trumpet and legendary Joseph Bowie of B.A.G.S. on vocals and trombone.

Archie Shepp -Learning to Breathe/Ocean Bridges

Enclosed is review of recent recording that I had the honor working with Jazz Avant Garde legend Archie Shepp.
This is a fusion of Hiphop and Bebop working with  colleagues Damu the Fudgemonk and Raw Poetic.

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