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JamlTheCaml is a visionary artist with an affinity for immortalizing images into my likeness. A lot of his art is by inspired scenes or experiences he has witnessed. He recreates images that he has seen or experienced.  Using paint to create life on canvas. JamlTheCaml is a Podcast host,  Spoken Word Poet, Content Promoter, and Visual Artist. This portfolio works as a reference to his work as a new found Baltimore artist. 

Revelations Collection

The revelations collection is inspired by the angels and statues I've seen in museums or in other art forms. Most of the statues were originally depicted as white people and I do my best to make them brown. Brown as is in brown-skinned. Making the statues in my image warms my heart. It is my wish that the brown-skinned angels and depictions of glory spark a sense of love in the brown people that see them. There are two more paintings apart of this collection that I have not started painting yet. 

  • At her feet.JPG

    Black love in a painting. This piece was inspired by a sculpture I saw. In my mind love is an exchange. As a man, it is important to know when to relinquish power to your woman. Leading does not have to be an authoritative position. Just as women can lead with the power of suggestion. Black love to me is about interdependence. Not submission. Albeit I was raised to believe that men are meant to serve their women. A happy wife = a happy life.
  • Angel of Victory.JPG

    I found a metallic statue depicting the Goddess Nike. Nike is the Greek goddess of victory and valor. She is the sentinel of Zeus and acts out as his champion. SO I made her a brown woman :-). I knew I wanted to do that as soon as I saw the statue. The flowing dress, the determined face, I just had to make that with brown skin. This is one of my favorite pieces, it reminds me of a certain composure and stature I expect of myself.
  • Tired Angel.JPG

    This tired angel is another transformation. It was originally a fallen angel. I gave him an afro and brown skin. I also added a slug because he doesn't have any other friends. It not much else to say besides that he's really tired. He has nowhere to go besides the vast land or that deep dark hole. It would be his best decision to make the most out of his situation.

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